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Miami is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the US. Inhabitants of the northern states are attracted by a warm climate. The city annually hosts a large number of events (festivals, concerts, competitions), which also attract tourists. It is also one of the most popular cities in the US among foreign tourists. Miami is often called the cruise capital of the world. Cruise companies offer interesting routes with departure from the port of Miami. The best time of the year for a vacation in Miami is from mid-October to early May.

Miami is located in the southeast of Florida, on the Atlantic coast. It is the second largest city in Florida. The distance from Miami to some cities: New York - 1760 kilometers (1100 miles), Orlando - 370 kilometers (230 miles), Los Angeles - 3,760 kilometers (2,330 miles), Havana (Cuba) - 370 kilometers (230 miles), London - 7130 kilometers (4430 miles), Rome (Italy) - 8340 kilometers (5180 miles).

Miami officially received the status of the city on July 28, 1896. Since then, the city has become a major metropolis. This is one of the most important financial centers in the US. Offices of many large companies are located here. Many people come to Miami, not only for leisure but also for business purposes, to attend conferences and competitions.

According to statistics, more than 15 million people come to Miami annually for more than one day. A lot of tourists pass through the city in order to continue their journey by sea. The largest number of tourists arrives here by air. In 2016, more than 20 million passengers arrived via Miami airport (approximately the same number of domestic and foreign tourists). Approximately 70 - 80% of the total number comes to this region for leisure.

Miami is most popular among residents of the northern states of the country. Most tourists come here from New York. Most foreign tourists come to Miami from the countries of South America and Canada. Among the European countries, the main sources of tourists are Germany, Britain, France and Italy.

Miami is located on the ocean shore. There are many interesting for tourists’ islands, countries and places nearby. A large number of tourists come to the city to go to the cruises from the Port of Miami.

Miami Beach is the most popular tourist destination in the city. According to surveys, most tourists stay in Miami Beach (48%) and in the city center (19%) during their trip to Miami. Approximately 60% of tourists live in hotels. A large number of people stay with friends and acquaintances. Approximately 5% of tourists stay in rented or own houses.

What attracts tourists to Miami? During the survey, the tourists said that they liked the most in the city: beaches - 58%, weather - 57%, South Beach / Ocean Drive - 40%, shopping - 30%, restaurants - 28%, nightlife - 25%, Sights - 23%, Art Deco district - 22%. At the same time, there is a slight difference in the preferences of US residents and foreign tourists. With local tourists, the attractive sides of Miami are lined up in such a sequence: the weather, beaches, nightlife. For foreign tourists: beaches, weather, shopping, South Beach / Ocean Drive, restaurants.

Miami Beach

The most popular among tourist places in Miami: Art Deco District (South Beach), beaches, Lincoln Road, Downtown Miami, Bayside Marketplace, Aventura Mall, Dolphin Mall.

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Popular with tourists’ places:

  • The Art Deco district is famous for its houses, examples of architecture from the early 20th century. For older monuments of architecture you need to go to the cities of Europe. The area is located in the south of Miami Beach and is bounded by the Atlantic Ocean from the east, Sixth Street to the south, Alton Road to the west, Collins Canal and Dade Boulevard to the north.
  • There are many beaches on Miami Beach and the surrounding area. The coast in the south of Miami Beach along the Ocean Drive is commonly called the most popular in the city. There are beaches where there are fewer holidaymakers in Miami Beach and nearby. There are favorite beaches for families with children, surfers and same-sex couples.
  • Lincoln Road is a pedestrian street that runs east to west between 16th Street and 17th Street in Miami Beach. There are many shops and restaurants here. This is a popular tourist destination in Miami Beach.
  • Downtown Miami is a cultural, financial and commercial center of South Florida. In the center of the city there are several museums, parks, training centers, theaters, shops and some of the oldest buildings in the city.
  • Aventura Mall is a large shopping center in Aventura, the northern suburbs of Miami, Florida. It is the largest shopping center in the state of Florida. Address: 19501 Biscayne Boulevard, Aventura, Fl 33180.
  • Bayside Marketplace is a festival marketplace in Miami. It is located on the shores of Biscayne Bay, between the Bayfront Park and the American Airlines Arena. Address: 401 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL 33132.
  • The Dolphin Mall is a shopping center in Sweetwater, Miami-Dade County, Florida, to west of the city of Miami. There are many shops and discounters of famous brands. Address: Dolphin Mall, 11401 NW 12th Street, Miami, FL 33172.

Miami is located on the Atlantic coast in the southern part of Florida, as well as on several islands. The main part of Miami stretches along the coast from the northeast to the southwest for about 18 kilometers. There are banks, central offices of companies, cultural and tourist centers, parks, and residential areas in Downtown Miami.
Little Havana district is also popular with tourists. It hosts festivals and other events that are well known in the US. Miami Beach is the most popular place among tourists.

 Miami and Miami Beach map
On the map you can see the location of Miami and Miami Beach (on the islands).

Miami Beach

There are several islands along the coast (partly of artificial origin) at a distance about 2,49 miles from the coast. On these islands Miami Beach is located.

Foreign tourists better know Miami Beach as part of the city of Miami. In fact, Miami Beach is an independent municipality. The length of Miami Beach from north to south is about 8.08 miles, from west to east to 1.43 miles. The islands are connected to the mainland part of Miami by several bridges. To the east of Miami Beach is the Atlantic Ocean, to the west (between the islands and the mainland) the northern part of the Biscayne Bay. Famous beaches of Miami Beach are on the coast of the ocean.

The southern part of the city, South Beach (also known as SoBe) is the most popular area of Miami Beach. In South Beach there are many hotels, nightclubs, restaurants and shops. This area is especially popular with tourists from Canada and Europe. Entertainment can be found here at any time, day and night.

The most famous street here is the Ocean Drive. The length of the Ocean Drive is about 2.3 kilometers. The street is the center of the Art Deco district. A distinctive feature of the area is the houses, samples of architecture of the early 20th century.

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Miami International Airport (MIA) is located at a distance about 13 kilometers northwest of downtown Miami. Passenger and cargo flights to the cities of America, Europe and Asia are performed from the airport. In 2016, the airport served 44.9 million passengers.

The most convenient and cheap ways to get to the airport (from the airport) are Metrorail (metro) and Metrobus (bus). The Miami Airport Flyer Bus 150 runs from the airport to Miami Beach (South Beach). The journey takes about 30 minutes.

Metrorail Orange Line trains run from Miami International Airport to Miami Downtown, Brickell, Civic Center, Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, Dadeland, Hialeah, South Miami and Wynwood. The journey takes about 15 minutes.

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Miami port

Port of Miami is the largest cruise port in the world (by number of served tourists). In 2016 the port served 4.98 million passengers. The port has seven cruise terminals. Cruise ships depart on Caribbean cruises from the port of Miami and from the port of Everglades (Fort Lauderdale).

The port is located on the Dodge Island, between the Downtown Miami and the southern part of Miami Beach.
The distance to the cruise terminals from Miami International Airport is about 7 miles (11 kilometers) and about 25 miles (40 kilometers) from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

It is possible to get to the cruise terminals of the port from the airport by public transport. For example, you can get to the Miami Downtown by the yellow metro line (Metrorail) to the Brickel stations, and then to the cruise terminals by bus (City of Miami Trolley, Coral Way route).
You can also walk on foot from the Government Center or Historic Overtown / Lyric Theater stations to the terminal. The distance to the Carnival Cruise Terminal from the stations is about 1.8 miles (2.9 kilometers).

Some cruise companies have their own shuttles carrying tourists to ships from the airport. You can take a taxi too.

Tip How to get from the airport to the Miami Cruise Port? The best solution is to book a transfer (taxi, bus) via the Internet. You can do it right now. (The driver will meet you at the airport in Miami and take you and your luggage to the port.)


The most popular place for tourists’ accommodation in Miami region is Miami Beach. There are many hotels of different price categories. The best and most expensive hotels are located next to the ocean shore. Tourists’ can find more affordable hotels at a little distance from the beaches.

The South Beach area (the southern part of the islands) is popular with fans of entertainment and nightlife. The northern areas (North Miami Beach) may be more suitable for families with children and lovers of a more peaceful life.

Prices for accommodation depend on the proximity of the hotel to the beach and on whether there is a view of the ocean from the window or not. Prices also depend on the season. The best time for a holiday in Miami is from November to April. At this time, the highest prices for accommodation are kept here. Prices in hotels can be significantly lower in the off-season.

Part of coming to the city tourists prefers to stay not in hotels, but in rented apartments and houses. In Miami there are many houses and apartments for rent in different parts of the city. You can take the help of a real estate agent to find a property to rent (or purchase). There are several sites which offer online services for short-term rent apartments and holiday homes searching.

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Many interesting events take place in Miami every year. These activities are a good addition to the beaches, nightclubs and shops, so that tourists can have a good holiday. This page contains information about only a few annual events.

  • The Calle Ocho Festival is the largest street festival of Hispanic communities in the southeastern United States. This colorful festival of Latin American culture is one of the largest in the world. The festival is held in March in Little Havana in Miami, Florida, between SW 8th Street and 27th Avenue.
  • Miami Broward Carnival is a festival of Caribbean region peoples and countries culture. The event attracts about 50 thousand participants annually. The main events of the carnival are held in Miami-Dade County Fairgrounds, as well as in other places of the city. Among the main events of the carnival: the bands parade, a king and a queen coronation.
  • Art Deco Weekend is an annual cultural festival that is held every year at Ocean Drive in Miami Beach. There are many interesting events during three days on the South Beach. The event is held with the intention to keep the buildings in the Art Deco style along the Ocean Drive.
  • The annual Coconut Grove Arts Festival is one of the most important cultural events in South Florida. The festival is a mixture of fine art, music and culinary arts. The festival is held in the Coconut Grove district (a little south of the Miami Downtown).
  • Miami Beach Gay Pride is one of the colorful events in Miami Beach. It is three-day event with Beach Party, a Festival and Parade. Gay parade usually takes place in mid-April. The main venue is Ocean Drive in the southern part of Miami Beach. It is not necessary to be a member of the LGBT community to come to see this festival.
  • Marathon and a half marathon in Miami are held annually in late January or early February. Start of the race is held on the Boulevard Biscayne 601, between the American Airlines Arena and The Freedom Tower.

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