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How is the Trans-Siberian highway in 2014?

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Submitted by Анонимный (not verified) on Fri, 01/31/2014 - 06:16

We will be crossing Russia from Valdivostok to Saint Petersburg between mid August and mid Sept by motorcycle. Can you tell me if significant sections are unpaved. (I understand that a highway that length will always have sections under repair, but is it all paved?)

My research indicates we can expect some light rain almost half the month, but mild temperatures. Is that correct?

In the eastern half, I understand hotels are scarce. Is camping allowed?

Also, how can I find out about Honda and BMW motorcycle repair shops along the route (particularly the eastern half)?

Thank you, and what a cool website; lots of information.


According to found on the Internet information (on different forums).

In the summer of 2013.

The section from Vladivostok to Khabarovskб road was mostly in good condition. There were three areas were the large reconstruction of the road (the old asphalt was removed, making the new sand and crushed rock mound and laid asphalt, unpaved). Probably the work was completed in 2013.
Near the city of Ussuriisk was a small plot of dirt road (unpaved).

The road section from Khabarovsk to Irkutsk was mostly the normal condition.
Sometimes there are areas with poor asphalt (a lot of holes that appear unexpectedly, be careful not ride too fast).
On this part of road there are also places where the road is being reconstructed, asphalt can be removed and made new.

Lots of pictures of this site on this site:

The section from Krasnoyarsk to Irkutsk also has the poor condition place of the road length of about 50 km . ( Gravel, near the village Tayshet).

What will be the condition of the road in the summer of 2014 it is impossible to predict exactly. Winter (frost) and spring (snow melt and spilling rivers) certainly hurt some areas.
There certainly will be areas under reconstruction.

Tents can be used in Russia, except in private estates. (Use common sense).

In summer, if the weather is very dry, visiting forests may be prohibited for fire hazards. Be careful with fire.

Prepare to fight mosquitoes (if you will spend the night in tents) .

Along the road there are some motels and small hotels, which can not be found using the hotel reservation services. For example:

Fountain Motel near Khabarovsk Coordinates: 47 ° 31'12 "N 134 ° 45'53" E
Motel "Flaming Dragon" on the Chita - Khabarovsk . Coordinates: 52 ° 11'11 "N 116 ° 17'11" E.

Hotels in most cities along road can be found can be found here.


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