A short vacation in Spain

What country to choose for a vacation trip: Spain, Greece or Turkey? Only a few months after our trip to Thailand, again, we may take a week off in late May. Where to go now? What we want to get? Warm sea, good climate, low price.

My one week vacation in Thailand

Where can I go on vacation in December? It is not the best weather for a beach holiday in most of Europe at this time. You can visit Paris, Rome, London and other major cities. It may be also interesting trip. Those looking for a warm weather, warm sea and beaches can consider Thailand, Vietnam, India, or the Canary Islands.

Short holidays in Turkey

Last minute tour

Turkey is one of the most popular countries for a summer holidays with residents of many European countries. This is the most popular country for tourists from Russia. There is a warm Mediterranean sea, good climate and low prices. In addition, for entry into the territory of Turkey Russian citizens do not need visas. We can assume that most fans of foreign travels in Russia were visited Turkey. But I had never been in Turkey. The offer of a travel company: one week stay in the 4 star hotel near the Alanya city (all-inclusive) at a price less than 15,000 rubles for two in the last week of May. No doubt we should accept this offer.

My trip to Italy

Italy This trip was not in the plans. But two things coincided. Two weeks holiday in February. Travel firm offered very cheap trip to Italy. A trip to Italy from St. Petersburg for 7 days cost for two adults only 30,000 rubles (including excursion program). Probably we should to go.

Two days in Tallinn

Tallinn view I was not in Tallinn for about 20 years. It decided to go to Tallinn for the weekend by car (from St. Petersburg). It can be noted even before trip, hotels in Tallinn is much cheaper than in Helsinki. Budget hotel for two nights for two people was booked at the price of 60 euros.

My holidays on the island of Rhodes

airkraft Annual two weeks holidays became possible in May or early June. Where to travel this year? There were a small number of options. One of the requirements was a low price (due to lack of money). We needed a cheap trip to get the maximum fun. I wanted to go to a warm country closer to the warm sea. In this time of year the sea in many places is still cold. Lying on the beach all day is not my favorite pastime. Travel companies offer three destinations.

Memories about Venice

Venice canal photo Our site readers travel a lot. This page pictures were made by one of the visitors of this site. A guided tour in Venice took place three years ago. But the pictures are interesting to those planning a trip to Italy and in Venice.

One week holidays in Greece

The beach in Greece, near the village of Kriopigi, Mediterranean Sea After nearly a year working seven days a week it became possible to get some rest. It was decided to go on vacation for a week to warm sea. Travel firm offered inexpensive “hot tour” for eight days in Halkidiki, Greece.


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