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Exotic trip to Vietnam is an opportunity to see the wonderful country with a rich culture and interesting monuments. It is opportunity to admire the beautiful landscapes, relax on the beaches of Vietnam resorts. Vietnam is not as popular as Thailand yet, but there are plenty of attractions that are worth a visit, beautiful beaches and comfortable hotels too.

Geographical position

Vietnam is a country in Southeast Asia, which shores are washed by the South China Sea. Its coastline is 3,200 kilometers long. Vietnam also includes some fairly large islands: Con Dao, Khoa, Thu (Fukui), Tyam, Re.

Vietnam neighbor countries are: China (in the north), Cambodia and Laos (in the west). Vietnam climate is quite clearly divided into northern, central and southern parts, as its territory is strongly elongated and extends from north to south for about 1,800 km.

Vietnam's territory is mountainous, teeming with spectacular views. The highest point in Vietnam is Fanshipan. Its height is 3143 meters.

Many tourists like to travel through the beautiful, winding rivers of Vietnam, which cut through the country. Perhaps you are interested in and travel along the mighty Mekong and Bassac Honghe!
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Monsoon climate is typical for most territory of Vietnam. Climate in the north is closer to subtropical. In general, Vietnam is a country where is hot all year round and seasonal changes due to the alternation of the dry season and the rainy season. Some Vietnam areas have own climate characteristics. First of all they rainy season months are some differing.

Tropical storms in the south of Vietnam are from May to October, the temperature of +29 to +35 (often up to 40). At night is not so hot, but it is better to sleep in a hotel room with air conditioning. In the dry season becomes more comfortable weather, the temperature of 22 to 27. Humidity is high all year round, as the entire country.

The rainy season in the north falls on the same months. In the summer is almost as hot as at the south (in the afternoon from 27 to 33, sometimes 40, the night of 17 to 22). But temperature is more comfortable for those travelers who do not like the heat and prefers trips to the cooler days (from +15 to +23; night from +5 to +7) from November to April.

In the central parts of Vietnam the rainy season has several shifts: downpours on the period from August to January.

Mountains have a special climate. There may be cool or warm (+17 to +25) in summer and chilly in the winter (+7 to +12). But even on cool days in Vietnam is very high humidity.

There is its own climate on the coast. Storms are possible from the middle of October to the end of December.

The best season for tourists

When it is better to go to Vietnam? Tours are organized throughout the year but the best time to travel in Vietnam is the period from January to July. However, we must take into account the climate of the region in which you are going, and watch the weather reports for the next couple of weeks.

Many tourists choose to travel to Vietnam during the rainy season. At first, prices are falling. Secondly, this exotic country attracts tourists even in rainy season.

A truly velvet months in Vietnam are January and February. But prices for tours at this time are usually quite high.


Largest cities

The capital of Vietnam is Hanoi city with a population of 6.5 million people. But it is not the largest city of the country. First by the number of residents is Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon). There live over 7.1 million people.

Popular Resorts

Vietnam is becoming an increasingly popular destination for tourists wishing to relax on beaches of Southeast Asia.

Halong Bay is main attraction of the resort area of Vietnam. It is considered as one of the wonders of the world. Its beauty is astounding. In the waters of the bay, according to legend, dwells ancient dragon.

The most popular seaside resorts of the country are located in an area known as Vietnamese Hawaii. There are located resort town Nha Trang and Phan Thiet. Beaches of this coastal area have white sand and a well-developed tourist infrastructure. Prices are not too high compared to the most well-known resorts of neighboring states.


Travel to Vietnam is an opportunity for the curious tourists to get acquainted with the exotic culture and architecture, to touch the ancient stories. Necessarily need to see the ancient capital of Hue, where are the tombs of the emperors of the Nguyen Dynasty. Hoi An architecture is included in the list of World Heritage Sites. Lots of interesting attractions located in Hanoi and Saigon (Hoshemine).

Experts recommend also visit Imperial Museum and the Museum of the Revolution, the Valley of Love and flower gardens.

Those who enjoy the amazing natural places in Vietnam will also find a lot of natural attractions: waterfalls Camley and Bajo, Nguhanshon mountain scenery, breathtaking landscape of Nha Trang and Da Nang, beautiful Xuan Huong Lake and, of course, already referred to, Ha Long Bay

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