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Metro station “Taganskaya”

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Metro station “Taganskaya” (Таганская) in Moscow is located at a distance about 2.3 kilometers to east from the Kremlin and Red Square, near the “Taganskaya” square. “Taganskaya” metro stations are located on two lines of the Moscow Metro, on the “Koltsevaya” line (Circle Line) and “Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya” line. Stations halls are connected by the transition between, as well as the station “Marxistskaya” of Kalininsko-Solntsevskaya line. Stations form an interchange hub and allows make a transfer between three metro lines.

Taganskaya metro station

Metro station "Taganskaya" (Circle line)

Metro station "Taganskaya" of Moscow Metro Circle Line (Line 5, brown line) is located between the stations "Paveletskaya" and "Kurskaya". The station was opened January 1, 1950.

Moscow metro map Underground station hall is located at a depth of 53 meters below the ground surface. Diameter of the station central hall is 9.5 meters. At the southern end of the hall is transition to the metro station “Taganskaya” of Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya line.
(Previously, in this place was located a sculpture depicting Joseph Stalin. Later composition was replaced by a portrait of Lenin, which also has not survived to the present day.)
Exit from the station consist two consecutive escalator slopes, which are separated by an intermediate hall. Station lobby is located to west from the “Taganskaya” square, at the intersection of the “Sadovoye Koltso” (Garden Ring), “Verhnaya Radischevskaya” street and “Nizhnaya Radischevskaya” street.

The transition to the station “Taganskaya” of Tagansko Krasnopresnenskaya line is located at the southern end of the station underground hall. The transition to the station “Marxistskaya” of “Kalininskaya” line is located in the center of the hall (the stairs).

Metro station "Taganskaya" (Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaja line)

Metro station “Taganskaya” of Tagansko Krasnopresnenskaya line (line 7, purple line) is located between Moscow subway stations "Kitaj Gorod" and "Proletarskaya". The station was opened on 31 December 1966.

Station underground hall is located at a depth of 36 meters. Diameter of station hall is 8.5 meters. Exit from the station (escalators) is located at the eastern end of the hall. At the west end of the hall is a transition to the station “Taganskaya” of metro “Koltsevaya” line (Circle Line).

The station has an underground lobby. Entrance to the station underground lobby is located on both sides of the street “Bolshiye Kamenschiki”, to south from Taganka Square. There is an underground passage to the station “Marxistskaya” of “Kalininsko-Solntsevskaya” line in the center part of the hall.

The distance between the vestibules of two “Taganskaya” metro stations is 300 meters. Metro station “Marxistskaya” is located at distance approximately 250 meters, at the place connecting streets Marxistskaya and Taganskaya to Taganskaya Square.
Near the metro station “Taganskaya” in Moscow located:
Taganka Theater.

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Taganskaya  metro station location on the map


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