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On vacation in Las Vegas

What do you love while on vacation? Entertainment? Hot weather and sun? Music and delicious food? Trips to National Parks? You will find it all in Las Vegas (except the sea beaches). Large pools compensate for the lack of sea to some extent. Las Vegas is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the United States. (We think that everyone in the US should visit it at least once.)

The main attractions in Las Vegas are casinos and hotels. Las Vegas is an internationally renowned resort town best known for its gambling, entertainment and nightlife.

The most famous world stars often give concerts in Las Vegas. But the city also has vibrant live music outside of the casino. Music lovers can enjoy themselves here.

Sports bars, great golf courses, NASCAR stock car races are available to sports fans.

Most of the entertainment is mainly aimed at adults, but tourists with children can have a great time in Las Vegas. Many attractions and activities are available for families with children.

There are National Parks and Natural Attractions near Las Vegas. You can visit one of them while on vacation in Nevada. (For example: Grand Canyon, Big bear lake, Zion national park).

Las Vegas is one of the warmest and sunniest cities in the United States. The climate is characterized by long and very hot summers and short, warm winters. Las Vegas is a great place to visit all year round, but it is believed that.

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Las Vegas

Getting to and around Las Vegas

Las Vegas is located at a fairly large distance from major cities, in the Mojave Desert in the southern part of the state of Nevada, in the Western United States.

You can see where Las Vegas is located on the U.S. Map.

In most cases, the best way to get to Las Vegas is by plane. You can also get to the city by car from some nearby cities.

  • The flight time from New York to Las Vegas is about 5 hours and 40 minutes. The flight distance from New York to Las Vegas is 2248 Miles.
  • Driving distance from Los Angeles to Las Vegas is about 270 miles (440 kilometers).
  • The flight time from San Francisco to Las Vegas is 1 hour 30 minutes (or drive 569 miles by car.
  • Las Vegas is one of the largest metro areas in the US without passenger rail service (2021). (Perhaps the rail service to Las Vegas will be restored.) The Kingman Amtrak Station in Arizona is the closest to Las Vegas. (The road distance is 112.2 miles.)

Harry Reid International Airport is located about 3 miles south of the Las Vegas Strip and a 6 miles further south of downtown. (Old name: McCarran International Airport.)
You can get to your hotel by public transport, but it would be more convenient for you to take a taxi. (Taxis can be ordered in advance, online.)
You can also rent a car directly at the airport. (The car can be ordered in advance.)

Driving is the easiest way to get around in Las Vegas. Your can also use public transportation, taxi and ride-sharing.
The Deuce is a transit bus service serving the Las Vegas metropolitan area. There are two routes you can specifically take for the Strip and Downtown.
The Las Vegas Monorail connects several large casinos along Las Vegas Strip, and does not enter the City of Las Vegas. (There are plans to extend the monorail line to the airport.)

Things to do & Places to visit

Las Vegas Strip. Tourists usually have the Las Vegas Strip in mind when planning a trip to Las Vegas. The city's most famous casinos and hotels are located right here. The Las Vegas Strip is a stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard just south of the city center. The Strip is approximately 2.5 miles long (from Mandalay Bay Hotel to Treasure Island Hotel). If you are staying elsewhere in Las Vegas, then you should definitely come and walk along the Strip. The Las Vegas Strip is especially impressive at night.

Fremont Street. Fremont Street is the second must-see street in Las Vegas (after the Las Vegas Strip). Fremont Street is located in the heart of Las Vegas, north of the Las Vegas Strip. There are also many hotels and casinos, lots of light and entertainment.
The Fremont Street Experience is a tourist attraction in downtown Las Vegas. The FSE occupies the westernmost five blocks of Fremont Street. Here you can see light shows and listen to live music. Concerts, usually free, are also held on three stages.

(Distance to Fremont Street Experience: Approximately 2 miles from Stratosphere Las Vegas, Approximately 4 miles from The Venetian Las Vegas Resort.)

The Las Vegas Arts District. The Las Vegas Arts District, also known as the 18b is located halfway between the Fremont East Entertainment district and the Stratosphere Resort. Go for a walk there if you are tired of bright lights and want to visit art-related galleries, studios, boutiques, stores, bars, restaurants.

The Neon Museum. You can see old signs of casinos and other businesses and use them to learn more about the history of Las Vegas. We would recommend going here at night, so you can see the full effects of the signs.
The Neon Museum is located at 770 Las Vegas Blvd North, Las Vegas, NV 89101. (It is 0.6 miles north of Fremont Street.)

Mob Museum. National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement, is a history museum located in Downtown Las Vegas. It is dedicated to history of organized crime in the United States, as well as the actions to prevent such crimes. It is located at 300 Stewart Avenue, Downtown Las Vegas, just 300 meters from Fremont Street.

Las Vegas Natural History Museum. Las Vegas Natural History Museum is a private, nonprofit natural history museum. It is located on Las Vegas Boulevard, approximately 0.8 miles from Fremont Street

The DISCOVERY Children's Museum. Quite a lot of tourists come to Las Vegas with children. They have where to go with their children in the city. One of these places is the Children's Museum. The DISCOVERY Children's Museum (LDCM) has a lot to do, to learn, to explore for children and parents.
The museum is located adjacent to The Smith Center in Downtown Las Vegas, just 0.9 miles on foot from The Fremont Street Experience.

Grand Canyon. Don't miss this opportunity! You can visit the Grand Canyon while on your Las Vegas vacation.
The South Rim is the most visited spot of the Grand Canyon. Distance from Las Vegas is 280 miles (drive time - 4.5 hours).
West Rim is the closest Grand Canyon entry point. Distance from Las Vegas: 128 Miles. Drive Time: 2.5 Hours. Private cars aren’t allowed into this part of the canyon. (There are parking spaces and free shuttles to some of the most popular viewpoints at the Welcome Center.)

You can see the location of the Grand Canyon viewpoints on the US map.
You can go on your own or buy a tour (by bus or helicopter).

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Where to stay?

Many tourists have a question when planning a trip to Las Vegas: "Should I Stay on the Las Vegas Strip, or on Fremont Street in Old Downtown?" Choices can be tricky. Each area has its own advantages.

The Las Vegas Strip offers holidaymakers a permanent holiday feeling, big casinos, luxury hotels, and famous artist shows. And perhaps most importantly, the Strip gives ordinary people the opportunity to stay in 5-star luxury (like the rich and famous) at a much more reasonable price.

Las Vegas Downtown (Fremont Street) is an older, less expensive and less glamorous area of ​​the city. The atmosphere is more democratic here. You can watch street performers, eat, drink, play in the casino, and it will likely cost you a little less.

So which area should you choose? We offer such a solution:

  • If this is your first Las Vegas vacation then stop at the Strip.
  • Next time you can choose City Center.

You will find additional, more detailed information on this topic here.
Here you can find a hotel, read reviews of tourists and make your choice.

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