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Nuclear-powered icebreaker was launched in St. Petersburg

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Nuclear-powered icebreaker "Arktika" was launched on June 16, 2016 in St. Petersburg. After the completion, the new icebreaker will be the most powerful in the world. Icebreaker is built at the Baltic Shipyard in St. Petersburg. The icebreaker of the same name already existed in 1972 - 2008.

The dimensions of the atomic icebreaker "Arktika" (Project 22220):

  • Length - 173 meters.
  • Width of 34 meters.
  • Displacement - 33,500 tons.
  • Height - 15.2 meters.
  • Engines - 2 nuclear reactor RHYTHM 200.
  • Mover - 3 propellers.
  • Power - 60 MW (on the shafts).
  • Speed ​​- 22 knots in open water.
  • Capacity of power plants - 175 MW.

The icebreaker will be able to overcome the ice thickness of up to 2.9 meters.
Icebreaker can operate both in the ocean and in rivers.

The ship was laid down in November 2013. The vessel is planned to transfer it into operation in 2018. The new icebreaker will work in the Arctic Ocean. It is expected that the region will be actively used in connection with global warming. Baltic Shipyard plans to build two more nuclear icebreaker project 22220: "Siberia" and "Ural".

Baltic Shipyard in St. Petersburg is one of the largest shipyards in Russia. The factory was founded in 1856. During the existence of more than 500 warships it was built here, submarines and civilian vessels.


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