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Hotels in Tallinn

Tallinn is one of the most popular cities among tourists on the shores of the Baltic Sea. There are a lot of hotels in the city, so tourists with any level of income will be able to find an affordable price for accommodation. It can be a hotel, hostel or apartments. It is important to choose a hotel with a convenient location. At the same time, as always, the level of provided comfort and the cost of living are also important.

Hotels in Tallinn are in great demand in the summer. If you are planning a trip to the Estonian capital at the peak of the tourist season, then it is better to book a place to stay in advance.

In fact, not all tourists who come to Tallinn use hotel services. A lot of tourists come to Tallinn on cruise ships, and return to their ships at night.

When choosing a hotel in Tallinn, you need to consider its location. We will try to help you find and choose a hotel with a convenient location. You can book a room in any hotel online.

Old city

The old town is the most famous part of Tallinn. All tourists who come to the city must visit the Old Town. There are many hotels in this part of the city. There are no large and modern hotels. Construction of new buildings is prohibited in the historical center of Tallinn. The possibility of reconstructing old buildings is also severely limited. Therefore, it is very difficult to create comfortable, comfortable living conditions. But living in the Old Town will give your trip special, unique impressions.

Old Town Hotels

Schlössle Hotel (5 stars). It is a luxurious hotel in the historical center of Tallinn. Address: Pühavaimu 13/15, Tallinn, Estonia.

St Petersbourg Hotel (5 stars). It is a small boutique hotel located in the historic center of the city. It is considered to be the oldest operating hotel in Estonia. Address: Rataskaevu 7, Tallinn, Estonia.

Kalev Spa Hotel & Waterpark (4 stars). The hotel is located next to the walls of a medieval city. The modern city center is also close by. Address: Aia 18, Tallinn, Estonia.

Hotel Imperial (4 stars). Address: Nunne 14, Tallinn, Estonia.

Hotel Bern by TallinnHotels (3 stars). Address: Aia 10, Tallinn, Estonia.

Rixwell Old Town Hotel (3 stars). The hotel is built in the old city wall. Address: Lai 49, Tallinn, Estonia

Book a taxi (transfer) from the port (airport, train station) in Tallinn. The driver will be waiting for you at the arrival area.

City center

The modern city center (Kesklinn district) is located near the Old Town, a bit to the east, opposite the Passenger Port. There are modern buildings, shopping centers (Viru, Forum, Stockmann), the opera house. In this part of the city, there are both modern, comfortable hotels and inexpensive hotels and hostels. The old town and port are located nearby.

Tallinn city center hotels

Swissotel Tallinn (5 stars). Swissôtel occupies the tallest building in Tallinn. Address: Tornimäe 3, Tallinn, Estonia.

Radisson Blu Sky Hotel (5 stars). It is an excellent hotel in the city center. Address: Rävala pst 3, Tallinn, Estonia.

Original Sokos Hotel Viru (4 stars). The hotel is the most famous hotel chain in Finland. Address: Viru Väljak 4, Tallinn, Estonia.

Nordic Hotel Forum (4 stars). Address: Viru Väljak 3, Tallinn, Estonia.

Welcome Hostel. This is one of the cheapest places to stay in Tallinn.


Part of the city called Kalamaya is located to the west of the Old Town (part of the Põhja-Tallinn area). It is a quiet, residential area. There is also a railway station (Balti jaam), a market (Balti Jaama Turg) and several inexpensive hotels. This is a convenient place for tourists to stay. The old town and the modern city center can be reached on foot. The distance to the Town Hall Square is about 500 meters. The distance to the bus station is about 4 kilometers, to the airport 5 kilometers.

Hotels in the Kalamaja district

There are few hotels in the Kalamaja neighborhood, but you can rent apartments.

Economy Hotel. This is one of the most inexpensive hotels in Tallinn. Address: Kopli 2 C, Põhja-Tallinn, Estonia.

Go Hotel Shnell (3 stars). Address: Toompuiestee 37, Center, 10133 Tallinn, Estonia

Vabriku Guesthouse. This guest house is located about 1 kilometer from the old town. Address: Vabriku 24, Tallinn, Estonia.

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