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Santa Maria del Fiore cathedral

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Submitted by Serg A Nik on Thu, 02/21/2013 - 14:15

“Santa Maria del Fiore” cathedral (La Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore) is the most famous church in Florence. This is one of the main city tourist attractions. Cathedral is located on the “Piazza del Duomo” square. “Santa Maria del Fiore” cathedral is one of the largest churches, not only in Italy but also in the world.

Photo inside the cathedral

Cathedral length is 153 meters, width is 90 meters. Total building area is 8300 square meters. Cathedral dome diameter is 45.5 meters.
Cathedral dome
A distinctive feature of the church is its dome. The dome was designed and built by Filippo Brunelleschi. Prior to that medieval builders could not build a dome that size. The dome has a red color and white ribs. Dome became a source of pride and a symbol of Florence. Construction of the cathedral was carried out from 1296 to 1436 years.

Near the cathedral are also located Giotto's bell tower (campanile di Giotto) and the “San Giovanni” baptistery. The bell tower height is 84.7 meters.

Distance from the “Santa Maria del Fiore” cathedral to the “Ponte Vecchio” bridge is about 500 meters. Distance to the railway station (Firenze Santa Maria Novella) is about 800 meters.

The picture shows the facade of the cathedral of “Santa Maria del Fiore”, Giotto's bell tower is visible on the right. There is also a photo made inside the cathedral on this page.

The photo was taken during a tourist trip to Florence in February 2013.


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