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colosseum Italy is one of the most popular tourism destinations in the world. Trips to Italy remain some of the most popular among travelers from different countries. According to available statistics, Italy is the fifth most visited by tourists’ country of the world after France, U.S., China and Spain. About 48.6 million tourists from different countries visited Italy in 2014. In recent years, many tourists organize their travel on their own. (It is easy to book a hotel or buy a plane ticket in any country with the Internet.) It may be interesting: photos from Italy....

The reasons why Italy is so popular

We should not forget about shopping. Italy is one of the best countries in Europe for shopping, for those wishing to get fashionable and stylish clothes. Prices are not the lowest here, but during sales (usually from January to mid-February and the end of summer) fashionable clothes and shoes can be bought at reasonable prices. Which city in Italy is best for shopping? You most likely can to find the biggest choice in Rome. Those who want to the first to buy the most fashionable clothes, shoes and accessories, often travel to Milan.

The mass tourism has become a popular the first in the history in the late 17th century. Traveling to Italy, Greece and some other countries had become popular among aristocrats and wealthy families in some countries to explore the historic monuments and works of art. Italy was one of the mandatory countries to visit. The middle class could have to afford such trip in the late 19th century only. At the end of the 20th century, tourism has become a truly mass phenomenon and an important sector of the economy.

The largest number of tourists comes to Italy from Germany. Tourists from the USA and France are on the second and third places.
Italy has a large number of hotels (approximately 33,000 hotels). According to statistics, the most popular are hotels of 3 and 4 stars category. Many tourists choose camping as accommodation and rent apartments. You can see the prices for accommodation in hotels (and read reviews) right now online.

Italy is surrounded by the sea and in Italy there are many magnificent beaches. Most of them are small beaches that are in small, rocky bays.
The longest beach in Italy is not on the mainland, but on the island of Sardinia. Poetta Beach is near the city of Cagliari. Its length is about 7 kilometers.

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Most popular cities in Italy

Which cities in Italy attract most of all tourists? Rome, capital of Italy is on the first place by number of incoming tourists. The next most popular with tourists cities are: Venice, Milan, Florence, Sorrento, Pisa, Bologna, Naples, Palermo and Verona. It is impossible to make the list of all interesting cities. There is something interesting for curious tourists in many places in Italy.


Which region of Italy is the most interesting for tourists? Italy Experts say that northern Italy is totally different from the southern part. To learn more about this country, you need to visit different regions. Located on the north of the country cities, such as Florence, Venice, Milan, Genoa has a lot of interesting things for tourists. However, it is believed that those who have not visited Naples and Sicily did not see the real Italy. And of course Rome is a must to visit city.

How to get to Italy

By plane

The fastest and most convenient way to get to Italy is a plane. There are airports near all major cities of Italy. Many airlines have regular flights to Italy. This makes it possible to choose the most convenient flight. Most often, tourists use airports in Rome, Milan, Naples, Venice, Bergamo, Catania, Bologna and Palermo.
Plane tickets in Italy at the best price you can buy online.

By train

Italy is linked by rail to many European countries. You can come in Italy by train from France (from Nice, Lyon and Paris), Croatia, Austria (Vienna), Germany (Munich), Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia and Spain.

By sea

It is possible to get to Italy by ferry from certain countries. According to available at the present time information, there is a regular sea links with Greece, Italy, Albania, Croatia, and Spain (Barcelona).


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