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Shopping Kotka

Places for shopping in Kotka city, Finland.

“Route 66” motel

“Route 66” motel is located in the Kotka city (Finland), at a distance about 200 meters from the Mussalo port, close to the popular camping and recreation center “Santalahti”. This motel was built in the American 50s style. The complex “Route 66” has motel, restaurant, bar and nightclub. 18 rooms of “Road 66” motel are equipped with everything necessary for living. On the territory of motel is USA brand clothing and accessories for motorcyclists store “Liberty Fashion USA”.

“Motonet” shop

“Motonet” shop sells spare parts for automobiles, motorcycles, tools and also related products. The company was founded in 1990 in Turku city. Twenty “Motonet” department stores and mail sales is in Finland today.

LIDL shop

LIDL shop “LIDL” shop is located on the outskirts of the “Kotka” city, in “Karhula” district. Distance from city center is about 7 kilometers. The store has a large selection of food. Here you can buy food at a slightly lower price than in other stores in Finland. There are also other goods in addition to food at the LIDL stores. LIDL stores are very popular with locals and tourists.

“Rajamarket” shop

Shop Rajamarket in Finland “Rajamarket” shop is located in the suburbs of Kotka, in “Jumalniemi” shopping area. “Rajamarket” shops sell the various goods. It sells food, household goods, clothing, footwear, automobile accessories, household goods, cleaning products.

“Merikotka” hotel

hotel merikotka

“Robinhood” shop Kotka

shop robinhood “Robinhood” shop is popular with local people and tourists from Russia. The store offers products at reasonable prices. Many products can be purchased a bit cheaper than in many other stores. In the store is a wide range of products: clothing, footwear, home goods, fishing, accessories for cars, food.

“Cumulus Kotka” hotel

hotel cumulus karhula

“Sokos Hotel Seurahuone” in Kotka

sokos hotel kotka “Sokos Hotel Seurahuone” hotel is located in the heart of the city of Kotka (Finland). The hotel has internet access, sauna, restaurant, night club, business center. Distance to all existing in the city facilities is within walking distance from the hotel. Near the hotel is located popular shopping center “Pasaati”.

CITYMARKET in Kotka city

K-CITYMARKET   Kotka K-CITYMARKET supermarket in Kotka city is located near the city, at a place Jumalniemi. (Jumalniemi is a shopping area located approximately seven kilometers from the center of the city of Kotka, close to the highway № 7 (E18) St. Petersburg - Helsinki. Here are located some large shops).

Anttila department store in Kotka city

anttila kotka The company Anttila went bankrupt, unfortunately.


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