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Hotels in Tallinn

Hotels located in Tallinn, Estonia.

Hotels in Tallinn

Tallinn is one of the most popular cities among tourists on the shores of the Baltic Sea. There are a lot of hotels in the city, so tourists with any level of income will be able to find an affordable price for accommodation. It can be a hotel, hostel or apartments. It is important to choose a hotel with a convenient location. At the same time, as always, the level of provided comfort and the cost of living are also important.

Tatari 53 Hotel

"Tatari 53 Hotel" is situated in the heart of Tallinn, near the Old Town. The hotel has 36 rooms. All rooms have Internet access, cable TV, bathroom with heated floor. The hotel offers luggage storage and free parking. The first floor has a restaurant. The attractions of the city center within walking distance. Distance to city center about 700 meters from the railway station 3 km, 5 km from the airport.

Reviews of hotel guests who lived in the hotel for the most part good. Hotel guests are satisfied with the low price, good service and convenient location.

Mahtra Hostel

Mahtra Hostel Hostel is located in a residential area Lasnamäe, in the eastern town of Tallinn. Distance from city center for about 5 kilometers, the distance to the airport about 4 miles. The city center can easily be reached by bus.

16 EURO Hostel

Hostel 16 Euro is conveniently located in the heart of Tallinn's budget hotel. The distance from the hostel to the city center and major attractions less than 500 meters. The hotel has 46 rooms. You can find accommodation in a double room or spend the night on a bed in a common six-room.

Vabriku Hostel, Tallinn

Hostel Vabriku located near the Old Town of Tallinn, in the historic district of Kalamaja. To the main attractions of the city you can walk. Hostel was opened in 2008. In a small hostel are only 5 rooms. Each room has a shower and toilet, satellite TV, refrigerator and free Wi-Fi Internet. You can use the fully equipped kitchen. The hostel also has free parking and even a barbecue area.

Academic Hostel, Tallinn

Academic Hostel is one of the cheapest places to live in the city of Tallinn. Inexpensive hotel is located at a distance of about 5 kilometers from the old town and the main attractions of the capital of Estonia. The hostel is located in a quiet, green area in the building of the Tallinn Technical University.

Tallink Express Hotel

Tallink Express Hotel is located next to the Old Town of Tallinn, near the passenger port. This is a budget hotel which is suitable for both tourists and business trips. Distance to the city’s major attractions is within walking distance of a few minutes. The hotel has 163 rooms. All rooms have TV and bathroom. Based on available information it is possible to rent bicycles. The hotel's Cafe Express. In the hotel lobby operates free internet access. The hotel has free parking for general use. Tallinn airport is located 8 kilometers from the hotel.


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