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Miami Broward Carnival

Many interesting events take place in Miami every year. Miami Broward One Carnival is one of the most colorful events in the city. The Caribbean-American community holds a colorful carnival in Miami every year. The festival is held, as a rule, in early October. The most interesting carnival events are held in the Columbus Day. The culmination of the carnival is the carnival parade and festival, which are held on Sunday.
In 2018, the main event of Miami Broward Carnival will be held on October 07.

Dates of carnival

(Estimated dates for 2018.)


Miami Broward One Carnival is held in several places in Miami (in the center and in the Broward County).
The culmination of the carnival takes place at the Miami-Dade County

Broward County is part of the Miami metropolis, and is located slightly north of downtown and Miami Beach. The distance from the park to Miami Beach and to Miami airport is about 30 miles (about 50 kilometers).

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Information for tourists

Miami Broward One Carnival is a bright colorful festival that reflects the traditions, spirit, passion and emotionality of the peoples of the Caribbean region. Festive mood is created by rhythmic Soca music, passionate dances and bright costumes. Visitors to the carnival will enjoy authentic food, listen to live Soca, watch carnival parades and competitions (or take part in them). This is an interesting event for those who like rhythmic music and communication with cheerful people.

Information for foreign tourists (who may not know some facts that are known to the inhabitants of America).

Columbus Day is an anniversary holiday in honor of the arrival of Columbus in America, which occurred on October 12, 1492. On this day, the US population celebrates the anniversary of the opening of their country.

J'ouvert is a large street party held during the carnival in many Caribbean countries, and in areas where people from the Caribbean immigrated.

Soca music is a genre of Caribbean music.

The Caribbean Sea is a part of the Atlantic Ocean, which lies south of Cuba and north of South America.

Steel band is a musical ensemble, which includes various kinds of steel drums and other Latin percussion instruments. The basis of the repertoire of such orchestras is the music in styles of the peoples of the Caribbean region.

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