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Guided tours | Hotel deals | Useful links It's time to get ready for your trip, isn't it?

Useful links for those who are planning a trip to Miami and Miami Beach. You can do much online, on the Internet. It is very convenient and usually allows you to save time and sometimes money while traveling.

Find flights and buy tickets.
Guided tours.
Car rental - book a car.
Skip-the-line tickets.
Order a taxi.


Begin preparation with the choice of the hotel. If you know exactly where you are going, you will easily find the hotel next to the place you need.

Recomendation If you prefer to live in a rental house or apartment, look for offers here.


Find flights, choose a convenient flight for you and buy tickets. Here you can find cheap flights to Florida.

Guided tours

Why do not you go on a guided tour? You can choose and book a tour online also. There you can buy tickets for some events. It is convenient to do online sometimes to skip a queue at the cash register.

Rental Cars

How do you intend to move to Miami? The choice is not great: a taxi, public transport or a rented car. You can choose and book a car right now, and get it at the rental car point (airport, cruise port, downtown Miami or Miami Beach) after you arrive at the place.

Skip-the-line tickets

You are coming to Miami to enjoy the holiday. Why will you lose time in line for tickets? Spend your time wisely and with pleasure (especially if you are traveling with children). Skip the queue at the cashier and buy tickets online.

Useful linkGet your tickets for the main attractions of Miami right now on the Internet.


Taxi is not only the most convenient mode of transport for tourists. It is only suitable for you mode of transportation sometimes. For example: if you travel with children, if you have a lot of luggage (sports equipment) with you or when you travel by a small company, then it is very convenient to move around by taxi.

You can order a taxi on the Internet. The car will take you to the right place. The most popular places to order a taxi are: Miami airport, cruise port, railway station, southern beach.

Useful linkOrder a taxi right now.

A culinary adventure in Miami

Delicious food from different countries is an important part of the travel experience. Lovers of delicious food will not be bored in Miami. Get your Miami food adventure.


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