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Passenger port of Saint Petersburg

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Passenger port of St. Petersburg is located in the western part of Saint Petersburg, on Vasilievsky Island fronting the Gulf of Finland on the Baltic Sea. Here arrive cruise ships from different countries. Saint Petersburg is one of the most visited by tourists’ sites in Russia. Saint Petersburg aims to attract to the city largest possible number of tourists. Creating favorable conditions for coming to St. Petersburg by sea travelers favorably affects the image of the city as the most important tourist sites in Russia.

Port provides a unique opportunity for foreign tourists to visit St. Petersburg without a visa. Arriving in St. Petersburg by cruise and ferry ships foreign tourists can stay in Russia without a visa for up to 72 hours. For 2014 the port handled 483,000 passengers. It is very comfortable to travel to St. Petersburg by ferry from Helsinki, Tallinn or Stockholm.

Passenger port specifically designed and built to operate with the cruise and passenger ferry ships. Port includes seven berths with total length of 2,171 meters and four terminals. There are waiting rooms, the border control points, souvenir shops, cafes, ATMs, duty-free shops, tourist information for passengers in the port buildings.

The maximum size of vessel that can to moor at the port berths are as follows:

  • Length - 317 meters.
  • Width - no restrictions.
  • Draft - 8.8 meters.

The port terminals can held up to 12 000 passengers per day.
Company Passenger Port of St. Petersburg "Marine Facade" address: Russia, 199405, St. Petersburg, Neva Bay shore VO, 1. (Check location on the map.)

The nearest metro stations: Primoskaya and Vasileostrovskaya. The Passenger port of St. Petersburg can be reached by bus number 158 from the metro station "Primorskaya".

Some cruise ships are served in an old marine station building, which is also located on Vasilevsky Island.
Location: St. Petersburg, “Morskoy Slavy” square, 1.

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