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Maly Drama Theatre

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Maly Drama Theater (Small Drama Theater) in Saint Petersburg was established in 1944. The theater originally was mobile and had no its own building. The theater troupe showed their performances only in the cities and villages of the Leningrad region. The theater was allocated in a building on the Rubinsteina Street 18 In 1956.

Maly Drama Theatre is a member of The Union of the Theatres of Europe. (UTE has 19 member theaters in 11 countries in 2014).

Theater often participates in theatre festivals. Theater teachers led master classes in the largest theatre schools in Europe and America. The theater often undergoes training for young actors from the US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Finland, Spain, Hungary, Scandinavia. Some theater visitors in their reviews mention that the theater has cramped and uncomfortable auditorium.

Address: Russia, St. Petersburg, Rubinshteina street 18.
The nearest metro stations: “Vladimirskaya”, “Dostoevskaya”.

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