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Suvorov Museum

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Suvorov museum in Sant Petersburg photo State Memorial Suvorov Museum is dedicated to the memory of the famous Russian commander, Generalissimo Alexander Suvorov. The museum was founded in 1900, the centennial anniversary of the Suvorov death. The museum was opened in 1904. Suvorov became the first man in Russia, in whose honor was specially built museum.

The museum was built with the money donated army commanders and civilians. Emperor Nicholas II became the main sponsor and patron of the museum construction. The museum building was built specially for the museum by project architeht AI von Gauguin.
The museum displays military awards and personal commander weapons, captured in battle weapons and banners. Museum expositions make imagin of the life and military service Suvorov. In the museum can be seen weapons, uniforms, equipment Russian army.

Suvorov is one of the top Russian military commanders. This is the first man in Russia, in whose honor was erected personal museum. As stated, Suvorov never lost a battle, all of which were won by the enemy numerical superiority. Suvorov was awarded by both Russian and foreign awards.

Location: St. Petersburg, Kirochnaya 43.
Nearest metro station: Chernyshevskaya.

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