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Weather in Moscow

Weather is interesting to all. It is interesting as for coming for a few days’ tourists as well for local residents. Hardly anyone leaves home without seeing previously forecast. On this page you can check the temperature of the air right now, and the weather forecast in Moscow today and in the coming days. There is also a general description of the climate in Moscow and the individual characteristics of the Moscow weather.

Weather in Moscow

There are several weather stations in Moscow. The air temperature in different parts of the city may be slightly different. Official data are measuring by weather station in the north-east of the city.

Moscow climate is moderately continental. There can be severe frosts in winter, and often occur hot days in the summer. The maximum recorded temperature in Moscow is + 38C, the minimum temperature is minus 42C. The warmest months are June, July and August, the coldest months of the year are December, January and February. 600-800 mm of precipitation falls in Moscow on average per year. According to statistics, the largest number of rain falls in July.

The most favorable time of year for tourists are the months May, June, July, August and September. At this time of year, as a rule, is warm weather. Important for tourists is the fact that the length of daylight at this time more long, allowing you to get good photos. (See: the main sights of Moscow.)

It is considered that the winter in Moscow lasts from late November to late March. There could be as severe prolonged frost and thaw at this time. It is impossible to give a reliable forecast what the weather will be next winter. At different periods, the frosts and thaws have different durations and fall in different months of the year. Therefore, planning a trip to Moscow in the winter you need to choose clothes and shoes suitable for different weather. (Shelter from the weather can always be on the subway or in shopping centers.)

Climate of Moscow (air temperature, maximum and minimum monthly average).
Jan. td> Feb. td> Mar. td> Apr. td> May td> Jun.
The average maximum °C 2,5 2,9 10,7 21,1 27,0 29,1 30,7 29,1 24,1 17,2 8,0 3,8 31,5
The average minimum °C -22,6 -21,4 -13,4 -4,8 0,1 5,5 9,3 6,2 0,5 -4,8 -13,4 -19,2 -25,2
Rainfall in mm 52 46 42 42 66 60 97 77 74 76 60 54 745

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