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Princess Maria cruiseferry

Submitted by Visit Plus on Mon, 12/28/2015 - 16:43

Princess Maria cruiseferry is cruiseferry operating by St. Peter Line on a service connecting Helsinki, Finland to St. Petersburg, Russia (as well as flights from St. Petersburg to Stockholm and Tallinn).

It was built in 1981. Cruise ship operated under the names Finlandia (1981–1990) and Queen of Scandinavia (1990–2010).

Travel by ferry is a convenient way to make travel between Helsinki and St. Petersburg. You relax and have fun on a cruise ship at night and during the day spend time in the capital of Finland or St. Petersburg.

For residents of Finland and other European countries is a convenient opportunity to visit St. Petersburg without a visa. For foreign passenger ferries are allowed to visit Russia without a visa for up to 72 hours.

On the ferry there is a casino, several bars and restaurants. In the evening in a nightclub Columbus performing artists (free admission).

General characteristics (as built)

  • Tonnage: 25,905 GRT. 3,898 DWT.
  • Length: 166.10 m. (544.95 ft).
  • Beam: 28.46 m. (93.37 ft).
  • Draught: 6.70 m. (21.98 ft).
  • Speed: 22 knots (41 km/h; 25 mph)
  • Capacity: 1676 passengers, 1601 passenger berths, 450 cars.

In the picture ferry Princess Maria in West Port of Helsinki (December, early in the morning).


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