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Where to stay when traveling

Where to stay on the trip? When traveling to another city, to an unfamiliar place or another country, we need a place to stay. There are not many options for accommodation for tourists. Tourists can use hotels, daily rented apartments, rented cottages (houses, villas) and campsites (for fans of this kind of travel).
You can find a place to stay in most cities and countries even before the trip, by using the Internet.

Daily rate apartments

You will find a large selection of rental apartments on BookingCom.

You can rent an apartment online for a few days in most cities of Europe, America and Asia. Apartments in the resort regions are in demand at the height of the tourist season. Take care of renting an apartment at the height of the tourist season better in advance, as soon as you know the dates of the trip. If you delay, the best apartments may be booked by other travelers.

Is it possible to rent accommodation for travel directly from the owner? Yes, sure! There are several good web services on the Internet for finding apartments and vacation homes. All hotel booking sites help you find accommodation for rent as well, I guess.
Try, for example, renting a travel accommodation on the Vrbo website. It was originally known as Vacation Rentals by Owner or VRBO.

You can use one of the most popular international rental services to prepare for your trip.

Cottage, holiday home, villa

There are a small number of people who like to spend their holidays in individual cottages in the resorts of Europe, America and Asia. Renting a holiday home makes it possible to live the way you wish, organizing your holiday yourself. The greatest demand, as a rule, use cottages in the best resort regions of Europe (Italy, Spain), in the USA, at the ski resorts in Europe. For those who do not want to suffer from excessive heat in the summer, renting a house on the lake shore in Finland can be a good choice. The lake region of Finland attracts many tourists with its clean nature.

The wealthiest citizens of some countries like to spend their free time at resorts in the United States. The most famous resorts of the USA are located in Florida (the city of Miami) and in California (Los Angeles). The Hawaiian Islands are also the territory of the United States and one of the best resort regions of the World. Houses near the sea (ocean) coast here are rented not only by the inhabitants of America, but also by citizens of other countries. Spend your time exactly as you wish to.

Useful link It is easy to find villa, holiday home or an apartment online with Interhome or BookingCom Recomendation.

Useful link You may need to rent a car if you stay in the holiday home.


The hotel is the most popular place for tourists to stay. You can book a room in any city and in any country in the world. The most popular hotel reservation service makes it possible to find and book not only a room in a hotel, but also apartments, a cottage or a place in a camping. Hotels are very different: large and small, in business centers and on the beach, expensive and cheap. You will surely find one that fits you best.

Useful link Here you can choose and book a suitable hotel for you (hostel, apartments).

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