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The Maldives is the destination for a luxury vacation

The Maldives is one of the most popular holiday regions in the world for the rich and famous. The Maldives has warm weather all year round and warm ocean water at any time of the year. There are excellent beaches there that will satisfy the most discerning tourists. What may be very important for some people, there are resorts where you can spend your holidays in a private setting, in a detached villa with a private beach. Celebrities can feel protected from the attention of journalists and just strangers.

Resort in the Maldives
In the photo: a resort in the Maldives. The Maldives is good for all those for whom safety and protection of their privacy are important.

The Maldives is located on a group of 1192 coral islands, which are grouped in a double chain of 26 atolls. The islands are located in the Indian Ocean, about 500 kilometers southwest of the island of India. Male City is the capital of the Republic of Maldives.

Most resort hotels are located in the central part of the country, on those atolls that are close to Male airport. These are North Male and South Male atolls (administratively part of Kaafu Atoll), Ari Atoll (administratively divided into Alifu Alifu and Alifu Dhaalu atolls).

The weather

The weather in the Maldives is warm all year round, but there is a rainy season and a dry season to consider when going on vacation. The least rain falls from January to April and this is the best time to visit the Maldives. (Most tourists come from December to March.)

Tourists visit the Maldives at any time of the year. This is confirmed by statistics. For example: in 2018, the highest hotel occupancy was in February - 81%, and the lowest - in June (43.7%).

In the table: the average rainfall by months (in millimeters) in the Male Atoll area and the average number of rainy days.

Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Monthly precipitation
on average mm.
89 39 63 125 223 166 174 194 227 232 227 222
Days with precipitation
per month on average
6 3 5 9 15 13 12 13 15 15 13 12

The Maldives is a popular holiday destination due to its warm climate and excellent beaches. There are very good places for diving and snorkelling. Activities such as fishing, windsurfing and kitesurfing are also popular with tourists.


A tourist resort in the Maldives is usually a separate island. As a rule, only tourists and hotel staff live on the island. (Local residents live on other islands.) For accommodation, tourists can be offered a comfortable hotel room or bungalow with a private beach. Travel between the islands is carried out by boats and seaplanes.

"One Island - One Resort" is a well-known principle of resort construction in the Republic of Maldives. This creates especially comfortable and safe conditions for the rest of foreign tourists. But in recent years, less luxurious hotels and guesthouses have appeared in the Maldives for less-wealthy tourists and young people.

There are about 60 guest houses and hotels on the island of Maafushi, which is part of the Kaafu Atoll. Maafushi is an island inhabited by both locals and tourists. The island has a beach (bikini beach) where tourists are allowed to swim in bikinis. With ferry connections to Male, Maafushi Island is popular with individual travelers. The ferry runs once a day, except Friday.

How to choose a good resort in the Maldives see here.


Most tourists arrive in the Maldives via the airport located on the island of Hulule, near the capital of the Maldives, Male. You may come across different names for this airport: Velana International Airport, Ibrahim Nasir International Airport, Male International Airport, and Hulule Airport (IATA: MLE, ICAO: VRMM). Tourists get to their hotels by local airlines, seaplanes and boats.
The airport also has a ferry connection with the city of Male.

There is also the Gan International Airport (IATA: GAN, ICAO: VRMG), which is located on Gan Island in the Addu Atoll.

Direct flight distance and time:

  • London - Male - 8540 kilometers (10 hours).
  • Mumbai - Male (MLE) - 1660 kilometers (2 hours and 55 minutes).
  • New York - Male - 14020 kilometers. There are no direct flights from New York to Maldives.
  • Abu Dhabi - Male - 3020 km (3 hours).

Go on vacation to the Maldives.

Restrictions, prohibitions, recommendations

The Maldives is a Muslim country, the culture, laws and traditions of which can be very different from where you live. We recommend that you read some of the restrictions and tips before traveling.

Alcohol. The import of alcoholic beverages to the Maldives is prohibited. You should not buy alcoholic beverages from duty free shops on your way to the Maldives. These goods will be confiscated upon arrival at the airport. Alcoholic drinks are available in almost all tourist resorts (and hotels).

Pets. If you want to fly to the Maldives with your pet, then you need to have a certificate from a veterinarian. Dogs are strictly prohibited.

It is also prohibited to import pornographic materials, religious materials that are offensive to Islam.

You need to follow a certain dress code out of respect for local customs while on the local islands (where the locals live, where there are mosques). Women should take a more conservative approach to dress, with shoulders and hips covered when excursions around the island.
Women may only wear bikinis when at a resort beach on a resort island or on a private beach. Even on a private beach, it is better to have a swimsuit that is not too open. Sunbathing topless is prohibited. Men are also advised to wear swimming trunks - shorts on the beach.


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