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Some of this year's travel trends

Submitted by Visit Plus on Tue, 05/04/2021 - 09:29

The COVID-19 pandemic has markedly changed travel preferences. Even after being vaccinated (which makes travel safer), many of us choose to choose travel options that we feel are safer.

One of the notable trends: tourists try to stay away from large crowds.
Travelers are more likely to choose a vacation home, apartment or mini-hotel rather than a large hotel.
When traveling short enough distances, many travelers prefer to travel by car rather than by plane.

Also, statistics and opinion polls show that travel lovers have begun to make more trips over short distances, in their own (and neighboring) region and less often go to other countries. These are travels to places that can be reached by car and there is no need to contact a large number of passengers on the plane.

These trends are seen in many countries: America, the European Union and Russia.

Traveling by car has its advantages:

  • You can be with your loved one or with your family.
  • You do not come into contact with other people (less risk of infection).
  • You do not need to wear a face shield while in your car.
  • You can create and change the route and schedule yourself.

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We hope (we are confident) that the pandemic will be defeated and we will travel a lot, safely, with pleasure and inexpensively.

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