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Where to go on vacation this summer? It's time to choose. The most popular summer vacation destinations in Europe.

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Summer holiday season 2024 has begun. Tourists are already arriving on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, but the peak of tourist activity is still ahead and is expected in summer and early autumn. According to the forecasts of experts in the tourism industry, the number of vacationers in the most popular countries in Europe will recover and almost reach pre-pandemic levels. Have you already decided where you will go on vacation this summer?

Choosing a vacation destination

The most popular tourist destinations in summer 2024 in Europe will be (we assume) the Mediterranean coast of Spain, the islands of Greece, Cyprus, the French Riviera, the coast of Italy, Turkey. Where would you like to go on vacation. Various factors influence our choice.

Vacation should bring you pleasure

The main thing is that you enjoy your vacation, that you enjoy the trip. All vacationers can be divided into two categories:

  • Some people like to spend their holidays in reliable, proven places. It is right! If you like this country, this city, this hotel that you have already been to, then why change? Why go somewhere else?
  • Others (like me) like to visit new places. If we spent our holidays in some resort, then next time we would like to go to some other, new place. Where we haven't been yet.

What category do you belong to?

Vacation shouldn't cost too much

The cost of travel is very important. Check with your travel agent: the road will cost less, where accommodation is more profitable. (In our opinion, in any country in Europe you can find offers that suit your price.)

We need warm sea, sandy beaches and sun

Warm sea, sun, sandy beaches are absolutely necessary for most of us for a successful vacation. All these countries have sun and beaches, but during my holiday in Spain, the water was a bit chilly. (It was June.) But at the same time in Turkey and Greece, the water in the sea had already warmed up well. Although a lot depends on the location.

Nature, food, activities, entertainment

Do you love delicious food? Food is also very important to us. I liked Spanish and Italian cuisine. But you will have to decide for yourself.
If you don't feel like spending most of your time on the beach, then you need to look for national parks, eco-trails, activities and guided tours. It seems to us that there is more of this in Italy and Spain (but we are not sure).

Spain, Greece, France, Cyprus, Italy or Turkey? Where would you like to spend your holidays this year? I liked all these countries.


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