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Spain news for holidaymakers - Mediterranean Coast

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News and information for those going on holiday to Spain - Mediterranean Coast news. Spain's Mediterranean coast is the right place for a happy holiday.

Water and air temperatures for some beaches in Spain

Forecast water temperatures and daily maximum air temperature for some beaches in Spain.
Valencia, Alicante, Benidorm - beach.
Air: Water:
Air: Water:
Air: Water:
Andalusia, Costa del Sol, Malaga - beach.
Air: Water:
Air: Water:
Air: Water:
Catalonia, Barcelona - beach.
Air: Water:
Air: Water:
Air: Water:
Information prepared by the State Meteorological Agency of Spain © АЕМЕТ.
Actual weather may sometimes not completely match the forecasts. AEMET
Learn more about the Mediterranean coast of Spain.

Once again what everyone knows - tourism is recovering in Spain

It is already possible to sum up the first results - the tourism sector is recovering in Spain. The 2019 visitor volume has not yet been reached in May. (This data is for May 2022.) According to the National Institute of Statistics, Spain received five times more foreign tourists in May than in 2021, but 12% less than in the same month in 2019. However, average spending per person increased by 12%.
Most foreign tourists arrive in Spain from the UK, Germany, Italy and France, whose bookings are above 2019 levels.

Peak holiday season on the coast of Spain - choose the right time to travel

A lot of tourists are expected on the Mediterranean coast of Spain in the next two months. This will be the peak of the summer holiday season, from the beginning of July to the end of August.
Especially on weekends. These days, not only foreign tourists, but also residents of Spain will go to the coast for weekends and holidays. This means that there will be a lot of cars on the roads. Especially dense traffic is expected from Friday (from 15:00) until the end of the day on Sunday. There may be even more traffic jams on this day.
Therefore, if you are planning a long holiday in Spain, if possible, transfer car trips to weekdays.

Ryanair goes on strike - check if your trip will take place

Passengers traveling within Europe next Saturday, June 25 will need to check with their airline that their flight will take place. The aviation sector is experiencing severe turbulence following the coronavirus pandemic. For example, unions representing Ryanair personnel went on strike demanding better contract terms. They were supported by trade unions representing Volotea and easyJet employees.

Downtime at Ryanair could last for 24 hours, several days this summer if no deal is reached. Including for ten airline bases in Spain (Madrid, Malaga, Barcelona, ​​Alicante, Seville, Palma, Valencia, Girona, Santiago de Compostela and Ibiza). At the same time, the airline plans to operate more flights to Spain this summer.

We hope that the conflict will be resolved and travelers will not be harmed.

EN- 320X50 - Баннер

Seville Cathedral - night tours

The Cathedral of Seville offers tourists the opportunity to visit the rooftops of the temple at night.
This is an opportunity not only to learn the history of the construction of this magnificent Gothic building, but also to see a unique view of the city at night. The Cathedral of Seville is sometimes called "the most imposing in Christendom".
Night tours are available on Monday, Tuesday and Sunday at 20:00 and 20:30; from Wednesday to Saturday at the same time and at 21:00 until October. The expected duration of the tour is 90 minutes.

Some tourists behave indecently, according to the locals

Many foreign tourists travel this season to the cities of Spain. Tourism is a good thing: tourists enjoy traveling, locals get extra work, but the behavior of some tourists sometimes causes negative emotions.

For example, some residents of Seville did not like the fact that visiting football fans (fans of Glasgow Rangers and Eintracht) bathed in fountains. Social networks are discussing a couple of city guests who slept outdoors on the lawn of Maria Luisa Park. Many people didn't like it.

It's good when guests arrive. But the guest should respect the locals, local traditions and not cause inconvenience to the locals.
Even if in the homeland of tourists it is considered normal to wander the streets drunk and climb into the fountains, one should not do this as guests. (Or maybe they understand that they are behaving indecently, but want to test the limits of the patience of the locals?) You can also find a more suitable place for an overnight stay.


The water has already warmed up on many beaches in Spain

A beach holiday is not only about basking in the sun on the beach. Swimming in the sea is a must-have beach holiday for many of us. Has the water warmed up on the Mediterranean beaches of Spain? We checked the forecast for the coming weekend.

Water temperature May 28, 2022 (°C):

  • Beach: La Carihuela - El Bajondillo - Playamar (Torremolinos) - 18°C.
  • Beach: La Malagueta (Malaga) - 19 °C.
  • Beach: Barceloneta (Barcelona) - 21°C.
  • Beach: San Juan (Alicante) - 22°C.
  • Beach: Levante beach (Valencia) - 23°C.

It can be warm enough water or a little cool for swimming, everyone decides for himself. Sea water temperature can change very quickly on many of the beaches and depends on sea currents, direction and strength of the wind.

Japanese Culture Festival to be held in Barcelona

The Matsuri Festival of Japanese Culture is scheduled to take place on June 4 and 5 in Barcelona. The festival provides an opportunity to have a good time and learn more about traditional Japanese culture: folklore, dance, performances, music and Japanese food.
Venue: Moll de la fusta, Barcelona, ​​Spain (Port Vell).

Interesting events fill our holidays with positive emotions. If you are in Barcelona, ​​we recommend visiting this festival.

Andalusia has good forecasts for the summer tourist season

Andalusia has good forecasts for this year's summer tourist season. Up to 30 million travelers are expected to visit the region this summer. Andalusia is a good place for a summer vacation and tourists will surely be satisfied.
More importantly for the region, tourists are expected to spend up to 20 million euros during their holidays in Spain.

Costa del Sol restores tourism activity after the pandemic

The Costa del Sol is quite successful in restoring tourism activity after the pandemic in the spring of 2022.
The international traffic of Malaga airport in April 2022 was about 12% behind the corresponding period before the pandemic. Most likely, in May and summer, passenger traffic will recover almost completely. The United States and Great Britain demonstrate the smallest recovery as sources of tourists. Maybe the Americans are not sure about safety?


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