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What about you, do you spend money on travel or make money from tourists?

Submitted by Visit Plus on Sat, 01/21/2023 - 18:52

We all love to travel. (If you don't like travel, then you're on the wrong website.) Some of us spend money on travel, others make money off tourists. (As for me, I combine the first and second.)

Recently, the cities that earned the most from tourists in 2022 were named. In my opinion, this suggests that these cities should definitely be visited in 2023 if you have not been there yet.

Here are the cities of the World that statistics recommend you visit this year.

The cities that received the most income from tourism in 2022.

  1. Paris - $36 billion.
  2. Beijing - $32.6 billion.
  3. Orlando - $31.1 billion.
  4. Shanghai - $29.7 billion.
  5. Las Vegas - $22.99 billion.
  6. New York - $21.09 billion.
  7. Tokyo - $17.97 billion.
  8. Mexico City - $16.76 billion.
  9. London - $14.92 billion.
  10. Guangzhou - $13.15 billion.

We don't know how accurate these numbers are. Could there be some mistake here? Perhaps!

As for me, I would really like to visit Italy, Turkey, Finland and the USA.

What about you, do you spend money on travel or make money from tourists? Share your opinion in our Facebook group.

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