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About half of the holiday homes on the Costa del Sol are already booked for this summer

Submitted by Visit Plus on Sat, 02/18/2023 - 22:32

Do you want to spend your summer holidays on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, in Andalusia, on the Costa del Sol? Do you prefer staying in a private holiday home instead of a hotel? You should hurry up! According to various travel websites, "More than half of Malaga's rural holiday homes are already booked for this summer!"

Tourism has almost recovered from the decline during the years of the COVID-19 pandemic, and this year, so many travel lovers intend to go on vacation to their favorite places. For many Europeans, this is Spain, the Costa del Sol, Malaga.

Travelers have learned to enjoy being away from the crowds of tourists and in a private setting. This is only possible when staying in small boutique hotels and private holiday homes. Many people appreciate being close to nature, spending time outdoors and in a sparsely populated environment. There aren't many places like this off the coast, and more than half of rural homes in the province are already booked, according to market research by This state of affairs also extends to the entire coastal part of Andalusia, and to some extent to other places popular with European vacationers in Spain.

What kind of houses do vacationers prefer? Houses in the province of Malaga are in the greatest demand. Tourists want to get a level of comfort no lower than in a good hotel. They prefer spacious modern houses, a secluded location, beautiful views (preferably by the sea), the presence of a swimming pool, barbecue facilities and other necessary equipment for recreation (bike, ping-pong, billiards, etc.).

As in previous years, residents of Great Britain, Germany, and the countries of northern Europe are interested in vacationing in Spain. This year, the demand for travel to Spain among residents of the United States of America has increased. Americans choose the most luxurious villas with the best location and are willing to pay more than the average Europeans.

American tourists have many of their favorite summer vacation destinations (Hawaii, Mexico). But it seems that the people of the United States have missed traveling so much that they are ready to go on long trips this year. Spending a holiday on the Mediterranean coast in Spain is a great choice for Americans and not only.

Sometimes it's a marketing gimmick to say "out of stock", but not in this case.


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