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Do taxi drivers exist for tourists, or do tourists exist for taxi drivers? Taxi drivers protest against tourist train in Puerto Plata!

Submitted by Visit Plus on Tue, 11/21/2023 - 00:17

The Atlantic Tourist Train is a new tourist attraction, a new tourist service that will (possibly) complement the existing tourist offerings in Puerto Plata (Dominican Republic). Or maybe not! It turns out that there are those who are against making it more convenient and attractive for tourists to visit Puerto Plata.

The Atlantic Tourist Train project has been controversial: while many support it, there are many who oppose it.

We all understand that countries and cities are developing tourism, striving to attract more tourists, not only because they are pleased to see us in their cities. (We tourists sometimes create some inconvenience for local residents.) But tourism also creates jobs and generates income for local residents and municipal budgets. But you shouldn't get too carried away in the pursuit of money. The convenience of tourists should not be hindered in order to preserve the opportunity to earn money.

The Atlantic Tourist Train will offer tourists a trip to the most symbolic places of the city, see the sights, and learn more about the history and culture of the city of San Felipe, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. The tour will last approximately 45 minutes. The planned capacity of the train is up to 30 passengers. The train will depart from the Municipal Parking Lot and return to the same point.

Tourists will be able to listen to interesting and useful information prepared by the best tourist guides. (It is narration in several languages, as is the case on tourist buses.)

It is expected that in addition to being convenient and interesting for many tourists, the project will also reduce traffic in the Historical Center.

This could indeed be very convenient for tourists, but the Taxi Drivers' Federation and the Air and Seaport Drivers' Union have protested against the train project.

They claim that the Tourist Train will take 70% of the cruise passengers and leave them with only 30%. This could ruin their income! (We sincerely sympathize.) They claim that taxi drivers already provide excellent service to tourists. No tourist train needed!

Carlos Rodoli Conde, the promoter of the project, said that “... the main tourist and cultural cities of the world have a similar service and we are glad that Puerto Plata can also offer it. Tourists will receive tours around the city and its most significant places. This will bring great economic benefits to the region as more cruise passengers will leave port and new tourists and visitors will arrive in the city.”

It can be assumed that taxi drivers may also have more work.

The project meets the highest standards of safety, quality, accessibility and environmental friendliness, because the city will have the first train of its type in the region, fully electric and with amenities for passengers in wheelchairs. Also, this type of train is designed specifically for cities with narrow streets, being able to travel on the same tracks as a small vehicle or sedan.

But the Puerto Plata Taxi Federation took to the streets to demonstrate its opposition to the proposed tourist train route. Federation members representing local taxi drivers gathered on the outskirts of the municipal town hall to voice their concerns.

The Federation of Taxi Drivers of Puerto Plata sees him as a real threat to the taxi industry. Do taxi drivers exist for tourists, or do tourists exist for taxi drivers? How do you think?

Puerto Plata (Dominican Republic) is called the “bride of the Atlantic”.

In fact, we all need each other, tourists to taxi drivers and taxi drivers to tourists. Let's look for a compromise and try to live in harmony.


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