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Holidays in Egypt - beaches, swimming, diving, snorkeling and unique historical attractions

Egypt has once again become a popular holiday destination. Why do tourists go to Egypt? The shores of the Red Sea have beautiful beaches where you can sunbathe, swim, dive and snorkel.
Egypt has unique historical attractions, the likes of which are not found anywhere else in the world. Warning: Egypt can be too hot in summer and somewhat chilly in winter.

Egypt is a land of eternal summer. (This is Africa.) But conditions at the resorts differ greatly in different months. In summer it is usually too hot for residents of northern countries. As strange as it may sound, in some months in Egypt it can be cool in some places! Be prepared for this so as not to be disappointed and ruin your dream vacation.

In short, according to most experienced tourists, April, May, October and November are the best months to travel to Egyptian resorts. But, not too “picky” tourists are satisfied in September, winter, and spring.

Paradise Island
In the photo: a beautiful beach on Paradise Island in the Red Sea near Hurghada.

Hurghada VS Sharm El Sheikh

Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh are two of the most popular resorts in Egypt. Both resorts are located on the shores of the Red Sea, but at a considerable distance from each other, in different regions the weather and other conditions are noticeably different.

In Hurghada you will have to pay a visa fee upon arrival at the airport ($25 per person).

In Sharm el-Sheikh, a visa is free (stamp “Sinai only” in your passport), but if you want to travel outside the Sinai Peninsula, you will have to buy a visa.


Hurghada is a city with a population of about 400 thousand people. There are many hotels in the city and nearby on the coast. There are hotels with large, fenced areas, with swimming pools and green areas. The beaches are mostly sandy. Corals rarely interfere with swimming.

If you are planning to go on an excursion during your vacation, for example, to Luxor (to the ancient temples) or to Cairo (to the Pyramids of Giza), then it is probably better to choose Hurghada. If possible, it is better to go to Luxor in winter. It can be very hot there at other times of the year.

If you are going on holiday with children, then Hurghada will probably be the best choice. (Smooth entry into the water, sand on the beach, there are water parks.) You can often find a whole water park on the hotel premises

If you prefer a relaxing holiday, then Hurghada is a good choice.

From the hotels you can also go on a boat trip with swimming on the island or at the coral reefs.

You can also go directly to the city of Hurghada for a few hours (by taxi). (Specify what you want to see in Hurghada, otherwise the taxi driver will take you to an uninteresting tourist area.)

Keep in mind: from December to April it can be cool in Hurghada, strong winds are likely, and swimming in the sea may not be comfortable.

If you are going on holiday to Hurghada in winter, it is often recommended to choose hotels located on the northern shore of Makadi Bay and Sahl Hasheesh. There the coastline provides significant protection from the winds.

Distance Hurghada - Cairo - 470 km, Hurghada - Luxor - 310 km.

Tourist places on the map of Egypt

Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm el-Sheikh is a (mostly) purpose-built tourist resort. Almost everyone who is here is either tourists or their staff.

The city has a length of approximately 30 kilometers along the seashore and is divided into several districts. Naama Bay is considered the tourist center of the city.

There are many hotels along the seashore, with their own territory and their own beach. It’s quite natural that the more “Stars” a hotel has, the closer it is to the beach.

Since corals grow near the shore, entry into the water (almost everywhere) is only possible from a pontoon. This is inconvenient for children, but good for those who like to swim with a mask and admire the fish. Special slippers for swimming may come in handy.

Sharm el-Sheikh can be considered a year-round resort. Compared to Hurghada, cold winds do not blow as often in Sharm and the weather is warmer in the winter months. In summer it can be too hot.

The Sinai mountains to some extent protect Sharm el-Sheikh from cold winds, but wind is still very possible in winter, in the afternoon. Some bays are better protected from the wind (Sharm el Maya, Ras Um el Sid).

Sharm el-Sheikh is more suitable for lovers of active recreation and nightlife.

Distance Sharm el-Sheikh - Cairo - approximately 500 km. A tour to the Pyramids of Giza can be overwhelming.

Package tour or independent travel? We do not have experience traveling independently in Egypt, so we cannot recommend it to you. If you are ordinary vacationers going to a resort, then it is better to buy a tourist voucher.
An excursion to Luxor or Giza is very interesting, but, of course, one half day is not enough for so many attractions.


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