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St. Petersburg

Saint Petersburg, Russia. St. Petersburg travel guide: places of interest, attractions, museums, hotels and other useful information.

St. Petersburg was named among the top tourist destinations of the World

The winners of the global tourism rankings World Travel Awards 2016 were named. The award ceremony was held in the Maldives in early December. St. Petersburg was named among winners as the World's Leading Cultural City Destination.

St Petersburg, Russia

Hotels in Saint Petersburg

Four Seasons hotel There are a large number of hotels in St. Petersburg. The city has a comfortable, five-star hotels and also cheaper hotels and hostels. Hotels serve not tourists only. A large number of people come for other purposes: business trips, for study, for treatment and medical services.

Tourist attractions of Saint Petersburg

Old Saint Petersburg Stock Exchange  and Rostral Columns photo The most famous attractions of Saint Petersburg are well known over the world. This is the Palace Square with located on it Winter Palace, St.

Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg is one of the world's most beautiful cities. There are many cities with a longer history in Russia. Many cities have a wide variety of attractions and interesting places. But, nevertheless, Saint Petersburg attracts attention of large number travel enthusiasts. It is no doubt, that main city of Russia, the center of tourism and business life is Moscow. St. Petersburg has its own, unique charm. It is a city which certainly should be visited.

The most popular guided tours in St. Petersburg

Arriving in an unfamiliar city, tourists usually buy one or several guided tours. It can be a sightseeing tour by bus or a thematic excursion dedicated to a place or a specific topic. What excursions in St. Petersburg can be recommended for tourists coming to the city? We tried to make a small review.

A trip on a pleasure boat

The best in St. Petersburg

Among the travel enthusiasts, there are people who need all the best: the best hotels, the best places in the airplanes of the best airlines, the best places in the best theaters, the luxury services. As a rule, these are famous people, successful businessmen, top managers or just wealthy people. It can be tourists from different countries: the United States, the United Arab Emirates, European countries, China. We will try to compile a selection of the best, luxury places in St. Petersburg.

Yubileyny Sports Palace in St. Petersburg

Yubileyny Sports Palace is an indoor sports arena and concert complex located in St. Petersburg, Russia. It is one of the venues for various events. The Palace hosts a wide variety of activities, including athletic training and competitions, conventions, festivals, and musical concerts. Yubileyny Sports Center is located in the central part of the city, next to the stadium "Petrovsky". The sports center is located at a distance approximately 1.8 kilometers north-west of the Palace Square.

Business Center "Lakhta Center"

Business Center "Lakhta Center" is being under construction business center in St. Petersburg. The main building of Lakhta Center will be a skyscraper, a tower with a maximum height of 462 meters. It will be the tallest building in St. Petersburg, in Russia and in Europe. Lakhta Center will be one of St. Petersburg attractions.


“Zenit Arena” football stadium in Saint Petersburg

The football stadium on “Krestovsky” Island in “Krestovsky” Island in St. Petersburg will be the main stadium of football club “Zenit”. This will be the best football stadium in St. Petersburg and one of the best in Russia. The stadium is located in the central part of St. Petersburg, in the western part of the Krestovsky Island.

Metro station “Admiralteiskaya”

Metro station “Admiralteiskaya” (Адмиралтейская) is one of the most important for tourists’ metro stations in St. Petersburg. The station is located near to the most famous tourist places of St. Petersburg. It is the nearest metro station to such city attractions as the Winter Palace (Hermitage Museum), St. Isaac's Cathedral, the “Bronze Horseman” monument.


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