St. Petersburg

Saint Petersburg, Russia. St. Petersburg travel guide: places of interest, attractions, museums, hotels and other useful information.

Metro station “Admiralteiskaya”

Metro station “Admiralteiskaya” (Адмиралтейская) is one of the most important for tourists’ metro stations in St. Petersburg. The station is located near to the most famous tourist places of St. Petersburg. It is the nearest metro station to such city attractions as the Winter Palace (Hermitage Museum), St. Isaac's Cathedral, the “Bronze Horseman” monument.

Garden City

Garden city Trade and exhibition center "Garden City" in Saint Petersburg. "Garden City" has space for exhibitions, a variety of shops and cafes. Some of the companies located here: home and construction goods store OBI, supermarket LAND, Sports Club Fitness House, McDonalds.

Public transport in St. Petersburg

Saint Petersburg public transportation system includes a metro, bus, trolley, tram and taxi. Water bus (or akvabas) also operates in the summer, but it carries a small number of passengers.
Get more information about public transportation in Saint Petersburg.

Weather in Saint Petersburg

Weather is something that interests everyone and every day. Weather information is necessary for us when choosing clothes and make plans for a vacation or a weekend. Information about the weather in St. Petersburg today and the forecast for the next few days you can see on this page.
All tourists need information about weather and climate when preparing for a trip to another country or to another city. On this page you can get the information about the weather in Saint Petersburg.

Walking route for tourists in Saint Petersburg

What places to visit in St. Petersburg? How to see the most interesting and beautiful places in the city? How to make a good route? The best way to see the sights is walking around the city on foot. One variant of self-walking route is on this page.
The most famous attractions of Saint Petersburg are well known to all coming to the city tourists.

Winter holiday center “Ohta-Park”

Winter sports center “Ohta-Park” Ohta-Park is a place where you can spend your free time in any time of the year. Winter sports center “Ohta-Park” (ski resort “Ohta-Park”) is a popular place among residents of Saint Petersburg for sports and leisure. It is good place for lovers of sport and active life stile. Ohta-park is located near to St.

“Petrovsky” stadium

“Petrovsky” stadium is located in central part of Saint Petersburg in the “Petrogradskaya storona” (Petrograd side) city district. This is the most famous stadium in Saint Petersburg (the new stadium is under construction). Stadium can accommodate more than 21 thousand people. It is the main football arena of the city. “Zenit” football team home games are held on the “Petrovsky” stadium.

Saint Petersburg metro map, stations and lines location

Interactive map of St. Petersburg metro with subway lines and stations location on the city map.
In most cases subway is the most fast convenient, safe and relatively cheap way to get around the city. On the interactive map identifies the location stations and lines Petersburg metro. The list of stations in the right of the menu map.

St. Petersburg, "Oceanarium"

Beautiful fish tank in St. Petersburg "Oceanarium" in St. Petersburg is located in the shopping center "Planet Neptune".

Grand Concert hall “Oktyabrsky”

Grand Concert hall  Oktyabrsky The Oktyabrsky concert hall in Saint Petersburg is one of the main concert halls of the city. There are held performances of the most famous Russian artists and artists from other countries in the concert hall.


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