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"Vyborghostel" hostel

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Vyborghostel vyborg photo Hostel "Vyborghostel" is located in the old town of Vyborg, a distance of about 1.1 kilometers from the railway and bus stations. Distance to Vyborg Castle is about 300 meters. Hostel is the cheapest choice for accommodation in the town of Vyborg. Hostel is suitable for young people and need to save tourists.

The "Vyborghostel" hostel has rooms with a capacity of 4, 6, 8 and 12. The total capacity of the hostel is 86 persons. You can rent a bed in one of the rooms. You can rent a four-bed room for two. The hostel has 6 toilets and 4 shower rooms. In a hostel available to guests hair dryer, iron, washing machine, ironing board, two kitchens, a refrigerator, a microwave oven. Throughout the hostel offers free, wireless Internet access.

There is a bike rental too.

Hotels booking.

Address: the city of Vyborg, Vyborgskaya Street 4.


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