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Vyborg castle

Vyborg castle is the main attraction of the city of Vyborg. Many tourists arrive in Vyborg, just to visit this medieval knight's castle. Placed here photos of the castle will help you to imagine how it looks.

View of the castle Vyborg from the bird's flight.

View of the Vyborg castle from the bird's flight. Vyborg castle construction started in the 1293. Construction work continued for many years.

 castle tower

High tower of the castle was named after the Norwegian Saint Olaf - king and baptist of Scandinavia. Its height of 75 meters above sea level. The tower was built on a rock 26 meters above sea level. Walls of the tower are 38.6 meters height. The walls above are built 10 meters tall dome. Wall thickness at the bottom is about 5 feet.


Even the high walls of the castle could not protect it.

The castle is situated on the island

The castle is situated on the island. From all sides it is surrounded by water.

inside castle

In the courtyard of the castle is now a few people. But on weekends and public holidays there are many tourists and residents.

In the old Vyborg castlecastle7.jpg

Narrow passages inside the castle had to help defend against enemies.

Castle walls

The castle is situated on the island and is surrounded by thick walls. In the summer here like walking city residents and tourists.

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