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Italy - Tourism statistics

France, Spain and Italy are favorite destinations for many tourists in Europe. According to statistics in 2011 in the world the most popular tourist destinations ranking Italy was on the 5th place, both by the number of tourists, as well as by the received income from the tourism industry. It is believed that Italy is especially attractive for those tourists who prefer comfort and excellent service.

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The greatest interest among tourists in Italy causes the cities with historical monuments and landmarks, in which there are many works of art. Popular with foreign tourists are also places of summer holiday at the sea, close to the lakes (Lake Garda, Lake Como, Lake Maggiore), as well as ski resorts.

Foreign tourists made in 2011 about 47 million arrivals in hotels in Italy.

In the cities, which have a historic and artistic interest, foreign tourists made 21,67 million checking into the hotels, in which they had spent an average of 2.7 nights per trip.
In hotels in sea resorts arrived 7.79 million people, who have spent at hotels on average 5.3 nights per trip.
Resorts on the lakes (Lakeside resorts) visited the 4,308 million people, the trip lasted an average of 5 days.
Ski resorts in Italy visited the 3.97 million foreign tourists, the average travel time 4.9 days.

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Most popular regions of Italy

The region and the number of customers in hotels in millions (2011).

  • Veneto (Venice, Verona) 10,011
  • Lazio (Rome, Vatican City) 6,664
  • Lombardy (Milan, Lake Garda, Maggiore, Como and Iseo) 6,593
  • Tuscany (Florence and Pisa) 6,366
  • Trentino-Alto Adige (Lake Garda, the ski resort of Madonna di Campiglio) 4,929
  • Emilia-Romagna (Bologna, Rimini) 2,320
  • Campania (Naples, Pompeii, Gerkalanum) 1,886
  • Sicily 1,681
  • Liguria (Italian Riviera, Genoa) 1,456

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Sources of tourism

From what countries most tourists come to Italy? Statistics give an answer to this question (2011). The absolute leader among the sources of foreign tourists to Italy is Germany.
The information below shows the number of foreigners who came to Italy (millions of people).

  • Germany - 9.873
  • USA - 4.466
  • France - 3,689
  • United Kingdom - 2,746
  • Austria - 2,115
  • Switzerland - 1,994
  • Netherlands - 1,933
  • Spain - 1,929
  • Russia - 1,474
  • Japan - 1.41
  • China - 1,342

Interests of European tourists and tourists from other continents are markedly different. Overseas tourists have little interest in holydays on Italy sea, lakes and ski resorts. More than 80% of tourists from distant countries are interested in Italian culture, art and history. Almost half of the tourists from European countries visit the resort towns of Italy.
According to statistics, about 32% of tourists visited only one city - Rome.

About 33% were in 2 or 3 cities and 35.2% visited more than three cities during his travels in Italy.

In recent years, more and more European tourists (50%) themselves organize their journey, using the Internet to book the hotel, making travel plans, purchase tickets for transport (or use their own cars). Much of the decision on the plans for the holidays are based on the advice given by friends, family and the Internet community.



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