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Metro stations “Mayakovskaya” and “Ploschad Vosstaniya”

Metro stations “Ploschad Vosstaniya” and “Mayakovskaya’ are located in the central part of St. Petersburg, in the eastern end of the “Nevsky Prospekt” street. Near these stations are located such objects as the “Moscowsky vokzal” railwaystation, shopping centers “Gallerya” anad “Nevsky Centre”.
“Ploscad Vosstania” and “Mayakovskaya” metrostations form interchange hub between “Kirovsko-Vyborgskaya” and “Nevsko-Vasileostrovskaya” metro lines.

Metro station “Ploshchad Vosstaniya”

Metro station “Ploshchad Vosstaniya” is located at the “Kirovski-Vyborgskaya” line (line 1, red line) of
St. Petersburg metro, between stations “Vladimirskaya” and “Chernishevskaya”. The station opened on November 15, 1955. Station underground hall is located at depth 58 meters. Underground station hall has original design. The station is included in the state register of regional significance cultural heritage.

St. Petersburg metro map and useful information The metro station is located at the intersection of “Nevsky Prospekt”, “Ligovskiy prospect” and “Vosstaniya” streets. The station has exits to the “Moscovsky voksal” railway station and to the ground lobby on the edge of “Vosstaniya” square.

Station lobby is located in the northwestern part of the “Vosstaniya” Square, opposite the Moscow railway station, between “Ligovsky Prospect” Street and the Vosstaniya street. The station also has access to the Moscowsky Railway Station (on the territory of the “Moscowsky vokzal” is also metro lobby).
The station has transition to trains of “Nevsko-Vasileostrovskaya” line. To get to the “Mayakovskaya” metrostation (Nevsko-Vasileostrovskaya line) is possible by the escalator (located in the center of the hall) or through a tunnel.

vosstaniya station

“Mayakovskay” metrostation

Mayakovskaya metrostation is located on the “Nevasko-Vasileostrovskaya” line (line 3, green line), between stations “Gostiny Dvor” and “Alexander Nevsky Square”. Station ground lobby is built into house located at the intersection of “Nevsky Prospekt” and “Marata” street (house number 71, opposite the “Mayakovskaya” street).

The station opened on November 3, 1967. Station underground hall is located at depth 51 meters. In the design of the station used portraits and quotes from famous poems of the poet Mayakovsky.

There are some places of interest, located near the metro stations “Ploschad Vosstaniya” and “Mayakovskaya” in Saint Petersburg:

  • “Moscowsky voksal” railwaystation. It is main train station in St. Petersburg. From the station depart trains to Moscow and many other Russian cities.
  • Gallerya” shoppingmall. Large shopping center is located near railway station. A popular place for shopping.
  • “Nevsky Centre” shopping center. The shopping center has many shops, including finnish “Stockmann” shop.
  • Hotel “Oktyabrskaya”. The hotel has two buildings, which are located close to the raylwaystation.

Go to St. Petersburg metro map.

subway station location on the map


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