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The Bridge Resort Hotel

The Bridge Hotel Resort (4 stars) is one of the best and most popular in Adler (Great Sochi). The hotel offers good service and amenities for excellent vacation on the shores of the Black Sea. The rooms in the hotel are in great demand from May to October. Therefore, if you are planning a holiday in this hotel for the summer season, you should take care of booking the room well in advance. You can book a room as an independent traveler or buy a package tour to this hotel.

The Bridge Resort Hotel is the most southern hotel in Russia (together with one of the Velvet Seasons hotel buildings). The hotel is located on the southeast of the Black Sea coast of Russia, near the border with Abkhazia. The center of Sochi is about 30 kilometers from the hotel.

The distance to the Olympic Park and the Sochi Motor Track (formula 1 route) is about 3 kilometers (you can walk along the embankment). Adler Airport (Sochi) is located about 8 kilometers from the hotel.

The hotel offers accommodation with different types level of catering included in a hotel's room prices: breakfast only, half board, full board and "All inclusive". Living on the system "All inclusive" offers not very many hotels in Russia yet.

The hotel has everything you need for a summer vacation:

  • The pebble beach is located about 150 meters from the hotel. At the disposal of the hotel guests are sun loungers and umbrellas.
  • The hotel has a restaurant, bar, beauty salon.
  • The hotel has both outdoor and indoor swimming pools, as well as a gym.
  • Travel lovers can book group or individual guided tour in the hotel.

Address: 45 Figurnaya Street, Adler, Russia.

It is very convenient to order a taxi even before departure. The driver will meet you at the airport.

You can use any service to find tickets for a plane in Sochi. There can be a limited number of tickets in business class, so take care of buying tickets in advance.

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