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Things to do while traveling in Qatar - Guided tours, outdoor activities and adventures

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Qatar is not the most popular country for tourists. But many tourists will come to Doha for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Recently, there was a need to find out what excursions and at what price can be booked in Doha. (Doha is the capital of Qatar.) We share the received information with you.

Sightseeing tour of Doha. Sightseeing tours are where many tourists begin their acquaintance with new places. See the highlights of Doha on a tour of the Corniche City and Old Harbor.
Approximate cost: $50 per person.

4 hour desert safari and horse riding. The desert is the main attraction of Qatar. Most of us have never been to the desert. Drive through the desert in a 4WD vehicle and take a short camel ride. Tour duration 4 hours. Departure from Doha.
From $50 per person.

Tour to the city of Manama. Manama is the capital and main economic center of the Kingdom of Bahrain. Tour to the capital of Bahrain with departure from Doha. The Manama tour includes visits to Beit al-Quran, Bahrain National Museum and Al-Fateh Grand Mosque. The distance between Manama and Doha is approximately 400 kilometers.
Tour cost from $150 per person.

The desert is not the only tourist attraction in Doha. Many of us love shopping. You can order a shopping tour and go shopping with a personal guide. Whether to trust the guide, you will have to decide for yourself.

Excursion to North Qatar. Spend a day learning about the fascinating history of North Qatar. Visit the weapons museum.
From $80 per person.

The range of excursions offered may vary, but usually they offer: a tour of Doha with dinner, a shopping tour of Doha, an excursion to northern Qatar.

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