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Travel this autumn - observations, forecasts and advice from travel experts

Submitted by Visit Plus on Sun, 08/28/2022 - 10:17

Last summer we remember high prices for flights and flight cancellations and, sometimes, confusion at airports. Travel experts advised waiting for autumn for cheap prices in years past. What are your tips for fall 2022?

It seems that this (2022) year this advice will not work. If you wait for the lowest prices, you may have to wait forever and cancel your trip. At least in the first half of autumn, and, perhaps, in winter. Don't put off the pleasure for later, travel now.

In our opinion, this year you need to buy flights and book hotels as soon as you get a suitable offer for the price. Thousands of travel lovers are hunting for cheap prices at this moment and you may be late. The best places and the most promotional offers are redeemed quickly.

Airlines, resorts, cruise companies, and tourism entrepreneurs have lost a lot during the pandemic and are forced to try to make up for the losses of past years. They simply can't afford to cut prices significantly.

Take a look at all-inclusive resorts for your fall vacation. There may be attractive prices this fall.

September and early October are likely to be quite active on the most popular destinations for American tourists. Try looking for deals for the end of October (and the beginning of November). It can be very beautiful in many national parks at this time of the year.

Domestic flights have risen in price this year, and it is not known whether there will be a price reduction in the fall. This is unlikely. But maybe it's time for a trip to Europe? Check if traveling to Europe will be more affordable this fall (compared to traditionally popular American travel destinations). Look at the map.

Well, in mid-November, ski resorts will begin to open. It's a good idea to go to a ski resort for Thanksgiving or Christmas holidays.

Another important tip for you: be careful in chasing the best deals. Sometimes you can lose money and ruin your vacation this way.


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