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The winners of the World Travel Awards Europe 2022 have just been announced. Which countries got into the ranking of the best more often!

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The winners of the World Travel Awards Europe 2022 were recently announced in Mallorca. Prior to that, winners were announced for other regions. The grand finale 2022 ceremony will be held on November 11 in Oman.

There are a lot of winners. World Travel Awards announces winners in different categories and in different countries and regions. And it is right! The world of travel is very diverse. There are many interesting places in the world. Some countries are mentioned in the rankings of the winners more often, and some less often.

Here are which countries and how many times were mentioned in the ranking of winners in different categories (only a few, incomplete review, (October 2022):


  • Greece - 31 winners (in different categories).
  • Turkey - 28 winners (in different categories).
  • Portugal - 23 winners.
  • Spain - 23 winners.
  • Italy - 20 winners.
  • Germany - 17 winners.
  • England - 17 winners.
  • France - 16 winners.
  • Finland - 11 winners.

(World's Best Travel destinations.)

Other regions

Vietnam - 32 winners (in different categories).
China - 29 winners (in different categories).
India - 28 winners.
Mexico - 24 winners.
Malaysia - 22 winners.
Indonesia - 19 winners.
USA - 18 winners.
Thailand - 18 winners.
Bahamas - 12 winners.

Can the most frequently mentioned countries be considered more interesting? Perhaps the countries not included in the ratings will be more interesting for you? Which country in South Asia would you prefer for a beach holiday, Vietnam (32) or Thailand (18)?

The World Travel Awards is a prestigious awards program for the global travel and tourism industry. Being recognized as the winner of the World Travel Award is an award that many aspire to. All the countries mentioned in the ratings are really very interesting for tourists. Choose travel destinations for yourself according to your abilities, preferences and recommendations of other travelers.

Unfortunately, there is not one important item in the World Travel Awards ranking yet, and we would like to add: not yet the best, but not at all a bad our website for travel lovers -

The best travel destinations have been named!

(Added November 11, 2022.)

The World's Best Travel Brands 2022 were named November 11 at the 2022 World Travel Awards (WTA) gala. The ceremony took place in Oman.
The Maldives has been named the "Best Destination in the World 2022".
There are a lot of nominations and winners, as well as many interesting places in the World.
For example:
Vietnam received five prizes.
Jamaica has won three awards (World's Best Cruise Destination, World's Best Family Destination, and World's Best Wedding Destination).
Dubai has been named the World's Best Business Travel Destination.
Leading emerging tourism destination in the world 2022 - Batumi, Georgia.
World's Best Lifestyle Destination 2022 - Miami Beach, Florida, USA
The Leading Travel Personality Award was presented to Hassan Ahdab, President of Hospitality at Dur Hospitality.

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