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Summer holidays in Finland are calmness, lack of everyday fuss, beautiful nature, environmental friendliness, clean water and air, and delicious food

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Where are you going on vacation this year? Rural tourism has become increasingly popular in recent years. If you live in a big city, why would you go on holiday to another big city? Take a trip to a quiet place, to the countryside, for example, to Finland! Discover new places.

The lack of everyday fuss, environmental friendliness, clean water and air, and delicious food are what the city dweller needs for a relaxing vacation. Perhaps you will also like the nice, cozy, small, uncrowded beaches of Finland.

Tourists from Central European countries, from Japan, China and even the USA are quite frequent guests in Finland. What attracts foreign tourists to this country? Santa Claus Village, the Northern Lights and the ski resorts of Lapland are Finland's most recognizable winter attractions. In the summer?

The attractiveness of Finland in the international tourism market is based on the ecological cleanliness of nature and quality tourism services. Of course, cities such as Helsinki, Turku, Tampere will be interesting for tourists, but the most interesting for tourists in Finland is connected with nature and the countryside.

Locals usually do not notice the most ordinary things that are surprising for residents of other countries. One day my guest was stunned by the fact that she can eat blueberries right in the forest, picking the berries herself right from the bush, and for free. And for me it was something self-evident. Residents of big cities can be surprised by many things in the countryside: snow in winter, rain in summer, swimming in the lake, cows grazing in the meadow, the absence of crowds of people. You should experience it.

In our opinion, the most interesting regions for foreign tourists are regions where there is a lot of water (and this is almost the whole of Finland), the coast of the Baltic Sea and the Lake Region of Finland. (The Lake District had an unforgettable impression on me: Savonlinna, Mikkeli, Imatra, Punkaharju.)

beautiful bay

You can rent a holiday home somewhere on the lake, or a hotel in a small town. All the most interesting things will be close to you. If you live on a farm, you can try to participate in the daily life of a rural Finnish family.
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Finland has not yet become popular with digital nomads, but Finns themselves often move from cities to the countryside for the summer to work remotely. Quietness and a calm lifestyle will create good conditions for fruitful work and relaxing holidays. Perhaps you want to move to Finland for the summer to work remotely?

Finns try to get the most out of the short, northern summer. There are many music festivals in Finland during the summer and you might want to visit one of them.

The busiest airports in Finland are in Helsinki and Turku. Flights to Finland are operated by different airlines.
If you don't want to fly by plane because of climate change, then you can get to Finland by ferry, or by train to Sweden and from there by ferry (to Helsinki or Turku).
The most convenient way to travel around Finland is by car, train or bus. The fastest way to get to Lapland is by plane.

Boats on the lake


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