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Holidays in Hurghada, Egypt

Submitted by Traveling girl on Tue, 09/12/2023 - 13:39

It so happened that this year the time for vacation appeared in September. Where should we go this time? We chose Egypt. It was only necessary to decide - Hurghada or Sharm El-Sheikh?

  • Hurghada has good sandy beaches with a gentle entrance to the sea.
  • It is believed that the best time for a holiday in Hurghada is from September to November and April - May.
  • We will have the opportunity to visit Luxor (Valley of the Kings) if we choose Hurghada. (The road to the Pyramids of Giza in Cairo is too long.) Making such trips from Sharm El Sheikh is much more difficult.

Where to go? We chose the trip to Hurghada! We share information about how our vacation went.

"The Three Corners Sunny Beach" hotel (4*) is located on the shores of the Red Sea.

Hurghada International Airport is approximately 27 kilometers from The Three Corners Sunny Beach Hotel. It's about half an hour by shuttle bus. If you get from the airport to the hotel by taxi, the journey will take you about the same time.

Without a doubt, we like the hotel. (Will you like it? It depends on your requirements and desires.)
We got a nice, spacious room with a huge loggia. The hotel offers good food in its restaurants. The hotel's daily program includes yoga, ice cream, some kind of animation and evening entertainment.

There are buses from the hotel to Hurghada and El Gouna. (Ticket 4 euros per person.)

Weather forecast (at the hotel) for September 12: air temperature - from 28 to 38. Wind - 5 m/sec. The water in the sea is very warm.

Beautiful sunset in Egypt
We photographed this fantastically beautiful sunset from the balcony of our hotel.

A direct route to Hurghada from most European cities lasts no more than six hours. For example: The distance between London and Hurghada is approximately 4000 kilometers. The direct flight lasts approximately five and a half hours.
You can see the cost of flights to Egypt from your departure city below on this page.

We got from the airport to the hotel by tour operator bus. If you are planning an independent trip, you can take a taxi at the airport or book a taxi in advance.

The first disappointment (unfulfilled dreams) of this vacation.
I would like to go on guided tours and visit the main attractions: the pyramids, Luxor (Valley of the Kings). But it turned out that this time it would not be possible to go. These attractions are located quite far from Hurghada. The road will be long, lengthy, tiring. There were few people willing to go on such long-distance excursions; it was not possible to fill the excursion buses, and therefore there were practically no excursions on suitable dates.
Let's not have any regrets. It will be a relaxing holiday on the seashore and in the hotel grounds.

Distances from Hurghada to some places (by road):

  • Hurghada - Luxor - 290 kilometers.
  • Hurghada - Pyramids of Giza (Cairo) - 470 kilometers.
  • Hurghada - Sharm el-Sheikh - 110 kilometers (by ferry).

The distance from the hotel to the center of Hurghada is approximately 30 kilometers. Of course, you need to go to Hurghada and look at the city.
A bus runs from the hotel to the city (twice a day). As in many similar places, a hotel bus brings tourists to an area with shops designed for tourists.
There were very few buyers (tourists). Even on the street, an elderly Egyptian approached us and asked: “Where are the tourists? Why are there so few tourists?” What could he answer? We didn't find anything interesting for ourselves in the stores.
There are other shopping centers and shops in Hurghada. For example: Carrefour - Hurghada City Center. But to visit the shops that interest you, you need to study the city map and go shopping on your own, by taxi.
A taxi from Hurghada to the hotel cost $5.
Tourist shopping area in Hurghada
In the photo: Tourist shopping area in Hurghada, few buyers.

What else to do during your holiday in Hurghada. Tourists are offered boat trips, which include everything that vacationers need: a boat trip, relaxing on the beach on the island, swimming and diving on a coral reef, meals.

The cost for a day trip is approximately US$30 ($25 - $30). We were offered a discount; for a boat trip in the All Inclusive program we paid 80 dollars for two people.

Motor yachts with tourists in Hurghada.
In the photo: boat trips in Hurghada, Egypt.

The motor yacht departs at approximately 8 a.m. and gathers tourists at the piers near several hotels. Then the way to the Paradise Island (about 30 minutes). Then a boat ride to a coral reef. Those who do not want to go diving can stay on the island. Return around 5 pm.

The beach on the island is excellent: clear water and soft sand. (The islands are introduced to tourists as the “Egyptian Maldives”.)

If you have such an opportunity, we without any doubt recommend purchasing such a boat trip.
All swimming areas on this boat trip were protected from sharks by a net.

Beautiful beach in Paradise Island, Egypt.
In the photo: a beautiful beach on the Paradise Island in the Red Sea near Hurghada.

It seems that the most travelers on this trip and in our hotel were tourists from Germany. Tourists from other European countries also vacation in Hurghada.

Guided tour to Luxor. The plan was to go on at least one guided tour to historical sites. Excursions to Luxor (Valley of the Kings) were offered for $40 per person.
Luxor is very far from Hurghada. The journey by bus took about five hours (one way). It's very long and tedious. Another problem is it's too hot. The air temperature in Luxor was above 40°C. (It is better to choose another, cooler month to visit Luxor.

The Nile River in Luxor
In the photo: the Nile River in Luxor. Such boats take tourists to attractions.

The ancient buildings and temples are truly impressive. But it will be interesting to those who are interested in the history of the ancient world. You need to decide if you need it.

Egypt, guided tour to Luxor.

Visit Egypt and not see at least some of the famous sights of Egypt? Why not. Many will prefer to spend this day on the beach, by the sea (not on a tourist bus).



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