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Yusupovsky Palace

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Moika Palace or Yusupov Palace The Moika Palace or Yusupov Palace (Юсуповский дворец) is one of the most famous tourist attractions of St. Petersburg. Many wealthy and influential people lived in St. Petersburg. There are saved many palaces they owned. Why Yusupovsky Palace is so famous?

The palace became famous due to the fact that Grigori Rasputin was killed here. Simple peasant gained worldwide fame due the fact that he was a family friend of the last Russian emperor Nikolai II. Many considered his a holy man, even more people hate him. Rasputin was killed on the night of December 17, 1916. At first conspirators tried to poison him (he survived), and then to shoot (it was made 11 shots, Rasputin survived), then his wounded drowned in the Moika River.

Over the years, many influential people have been owners of the palace. From 1830 to 1917, the owners of the palace were representatives of the elite aristocratic Yusupov family. A museum is located in the palace now. There is a small theater in the palace. Palace held performances and concerts in the theater. The palace hosts a variety of exhibitions. There are guided tours in the palace. Palace is most popular among foreign tourists. Palace is most popular among foreign tourists.

Yusupovsky Palace is located at address: “Moika River” embankment, house 94, St. Petersburg.

The nerest metro stations are “Admiralteiskaya”, “Sadovaya” (1,2 km.).

You can check the location of the Palace on St. Petersburg map.

Distance to “Saint Isaak cathedral” is about 700 m.

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