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Summer vacation 2022 - how much can it cost, compare Greece, Cyprus and Turkey

Submitted by Visit Plus on Tue, 04/12/2022 - 16:11

How much does it cost to spend a holiday by the sea this summer? We calculated the main expenses and compared the cost of a vacation for two people. We compared Greece (Rhodes), Cyprus (Paphos) and Turkey (Marmaris and Antalya). Only basic expenses, flight and hotel accommodation.

Initial data:

  • Two people.
  • Vacation time - summer 2022 (we took the dates June 6 - 12).
  • Countries: Greece (Rhodes), Cyprus (Paphos), Turkey (Marmaris and Antalya).
  • The type of food in the hotel is the same - All Inclusive. (Оf course you can choose what you like.)

(Prices were checked in spring 2022. You will certainly select other resorts, other dates and other flights, and the estimated cost of your holiday trip will change.)

Rhodes island, Greece

Rhodes (Greece) is a great place to spend your summer holidays. There are many resort towns on the island. Choose the one you like more. (I liked the village of Faliraki during my vacation in Rhodes.)

flights Flights: round trip tickets (direct flights) London - Rhodes, cost from 235 euros per person. (Flight time is approximately 3 hours 55 minutes.)

4-star hotel Hotel The Residence -Family and Fun. The hotel is located in the resort town of Ialyssos. The distance to Rhodes International Airport is approximately 6 kilometers.
Accommodation price - 6 nights - 605€ (double room). All inclusive. All meals and some drinks are included in the room rate.

Total vacation price (for two people, 6 nights): 1075€.

All you need for your vacation in Greece (flights, accommodation, tours, activities).


Which city to choose as a holiday destination in Cyprus? Paphos, Limassol, Ayia Napa? You will have to make a decision on your own.

flights Flights:

  • London - Cyprus (Larnaca Airport), round-trip tickets (direct flights), prices starting from 161 euros per passenger.
  • London - Cyprus (Paphos airport), round-trip tickets (direct flights), prices from 155 euros per passenger. (Direct flight averages 4 hours 15 minutes.)

4-star hotel Mayfair Hotel (formerly Smartline Paphos). Price for 6 nights 722€. All inclusive. All meals and some drinks are included in the room rate.

Total price (fligts + accommodation for two people): 1032 euros.

Flights, Accommodation, Airport transfer (taxi).


We have chosen two popular destinations for example, Antalya and Marmaris in Turkey.


flights London - Antalya flights: round trip tickets (direct flights), ticket price starting from 194 euros. (Direct flights average 4 hours 5 minutes.)

4-star hotel Falcon Hotel. The hotel is located near the city of Antalya (Lara district). The distance to Antalya Airport is approximately 9 kilometers.
Price for 6 nights 722 euros. All inclusive. All meals and selected drinks are included in the room rate.

Total vacation price (for two people, 6 nights): 1110 euros.


flights London - Dalaman Airport (DLM) flight: round trip tickets, direct flights, ticket price from 172 euros per passenger. (Flight duration approximately 3 hours 50 minutes.)

You can order a taxi We recommend.

4-star hotel Palmea Hotel. The hotel is located in the city of Marmaris. Dalaman Airport is 50 kilometers away.
Price for 6 nights was 302 euros. All inclusive. (All meals and some drinks are included in the room rate.)

Total vacation price (for two people): 646 euros. Best price!

We just chose three popular destinations (Greece, Cyprus, Turkey), checked the prices (flight + accommodation) and compared the cost of a summer vacation.
Approximately the same cost, but a vacation in Marmaris came out a little cheaper.
The cost of your vacation will depend on your choice of hotels and flights.

We wish you a good holiday. Tours & Packages for you.


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