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Rodina hotel in Sochi

If you want to spend a vacation in Sochi in a comfortable and at the same time secluded ambience, the Rodina Grand Hotel & SPA is one of the best accommodation options for you. This hotel is often chosen for vacation by rich and famous Russians and those who have money, and have no opportunity to travel abroad.

Rodina Grand Hotel & SPA is located near the Black Sea coast, a little north of the city center of Sochi (behind the Riviera park). Distance from the hotel's central building to the beach is
500 meters. Distance to the sea station, to the railway and bus stations is about 3 kilometers. Sochi airport is located at a distance 35 kilometers. Distance from hotel to Krasnaya Polyana ski resorts is about 70 kilometers.

Rodina Grand Hotel is a five-star hotel, one of the best hotels on the Black Sea coast. The main building is located in the center of the park. The hotel has 40 rooms in the GRAND HOTEL building and 20 rooms in the VILLA building. In their reviews, the hotel's customers recommend it for a solitary relaxing holiday to couples or families with children.

RODINA Grand Hotel & SPA has repeatedly received international and Russian awards. It was named as the best hotel in Russia in 2010 and 2011. In 2012, the hotel was the winner in the nomination Russia's Leading Hotel of World Travel Awards.

The construction of the main building began in 1946 and lasted 4 years. From 1957 to 2006, the hotel was called The sanatorium "Russia". During its existence there lived many famous people (for example, Yuri Gagarin). This hotel remains an elite residence in our time too.

Hotel address: Russia, Sochi, Vinogradnaya street 33.

The location of the hotel is marked on our Sochi map.

How to book room in the hotel? You can use any of the hotel's online hotel reservation service to book a room in this hotel. We recommend BOOKING.COM.

How to get to Rodina hotel from the Sochi airport (from the train station)? It is unlikely that any of the clients of this hotel get to the venue of their holiday on public transport. You can take a taxi on arrival at the airport (train station) or book a transfer (taxi, minibus) in advance, via the Internet.

You can use any service to find tickets for a plane in Sochi. There can be a limited number of tickets in business class, so take care of buying tickets in advance.

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