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Sochi Airport

The international airport of Sochi is located in the city of Adler, south-east of the city center of Sochi, near the coast of the Black Sea. (Distance to the sea shore is about 3 kilometers). The airport serves settlements located on the southeastern section of the coast of the Black Sea of ​​Russia. Through this airport arrive (and fly away) tourists (and business people) going to the resorts of Greater Sochi (Sochi, Adler, Lazarevskoye, Khosta), to ski resorts in the village of Krasnaya Polyana, as well as in Tuapse and Abkhazia.

Sochi airport is located in Adler city

The distance from the airport to the center of Sochi is about 30 kilometers (by road), to the center of Adler about 4 kilometers, to the Olympic Park 8 kilometers and to the border with Abkhazia 13 kilometers. The distance from the airport to the village of Krasnaya Polyana (ski centers) is approximately 40 kilometers.
The distance from the airport to Moscow is about 1360 kilometers. Flight time is 2 hours.

The location of the airport is marked on the map of Sochi.

International airport codes: IATA - AER, ICAO - URSS. The airport takes the 5th place in terms of passenger traffic in Russia (5.7 million passengers in 2017) after the airports Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo, Vnukovo and Pulkovo.

The airfield in Adler district was built during the World War II. The construction of the airfield began on July 9, 1941. The airport was rebuilt during the preparations for the 2014 Winter Olympics. In 2009, a new terminal building was commissioned.

How to get to

You can get to the desired place (the hotel on the coast) by taxi or by public transport.

(The schedule and routes are subject to change. Information as of June 2018.)

Bus number 105 follows the route: Bus station Sochi - Rosa Khutor (ski resorts) from about 5:30 to 23 hours. The bus passes near the Sochi railway station, close to many hotels that are on the coast from Sochi to Adler, makes a stop near the airport and many ski resorts.

Bus number 131 follows the route Adler Railway station - Settlement Galitsino, making stops at the "Adler" sanatorium, "South Vzmorye" sanatorium, shopping center "Novy Vek" and the airport Adler.

Bus number 135 follows the route Olympic Park - Ski Resort Rosa Khutor, making a stop at the Azimut hotel, shopping center "Novy Vek", "Yuznoye Vzmorie" sanatorium, Sochi Airport and Esto-Sadok station.

By train. 🚄 You can get to Sochi, Adler and the ski resorts (Krasnaya Polyana, Esto-Sadok) also by train. (Krasnaya Polyana, Esto-Sadok, Rosa Khutor - this is an area in which the ski resorts of Sochi are located.)

Electric Train "Lastochka" runs on the following routes: Sochi - Sochi Airport, Rosa Khutor - Sochi Airport and Sochi - Rosa Khutor. The train stops at the Adler railway station.

🚕 The taxi is the most expensive, but (in many cases) the most convenient mode of transport.
A taxi can be recommended if:

  • You arrive in Sochi (fly away from Sochi) at night.
  • You travel with children or a small company.
  • You have a lot of luggage with you (for example, ski equipment).

On the territory of Sochi airport, there is a taxi dispatch center.

Useful link You can also order a taxi even before departure, on the Internet.

Useful link Useful links:
Tickets for the plane - buy online.
Find and book a hotel in Sochi (Adler, Krasnaya Polyana).


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