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Useful online services to prepare for the trip to Orlando

A trip to Orlando is the vacation of a lifetime for many people. How to make your vacation more enjoyable? You will find some useful links and tips to have a wonderful vacation in Orlando.

Useful links for those who are planning a trip to Orlando.You can do much in advance, online, on the Internet. These services are very convenient and usually allows you to save time and sometimes save money while traveling.

Find flights and buy tickets.
Guided tours.
Car rentals (find the best deals).
Skip-the-line tickets.
Order a taxi.


Begin preparation with the choice of the hotel. If you know exactly where you are going, you will easily find the hotel next to the place you need.


Find flights, choose a convenient flight for you and buy tickets. Here you can find cheap flights to Florida.

Book your flight as early as possible. This will usually be the best price.

Guided tours

Why do not you go on a guided tour? You can choose and book a tour online also. There you can buy tickets for some events and attractions (Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando). It is convenient to do online sometimes to skip a queue at the cash register.

Car rental

How do you intend to move to Orlando? The choice is not great: a taxi, public transport or a rented car. You can find the best deals, choose and reserve a car right now, and get it at the rental car point (airport, downtown Orlando, train station) after you arrive in Orlando.

You can rent a car after arriving at the place. But, it may happen that the car you want will be already booked by someone else.

Skip-the-line tickets

You are coming to Orlando to enjoy the holiday. Why will you lose time in line for tickets? Spend your time wisely and with pleasure (especially if you are traveling with children). Skip the queue at the cashier and buy tickets online.

Useful link Get your tickets for the top attractions of Orlando right now on the Internet (Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Orlando Resort, SeaWorld, Kennedy Space Center).

Theme parks and attractions often have better deals if you book before you visit compared to buying at the gate. It is a good idea to book tickets in advance.


Taxi is not only the most convenient mode of transport for tourists. It is only suitable for you mode of transportation sometimes. For example: if you travel with children, if you have a lot of luggage (sports equipment) with you or when you travel by a small company, then it is very convenient to move around by taxi.

You can order a taxi on the Internet. The car will take you to the right place. The most popular places to order a taxi are: Orlando airport, Miami cruise port, Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando.

Useful link Order a taxi right now.


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