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London - the capital of the United Kingdom

Ferris Wheel in London London is one of the most important cities in Europe and in the World. Every day a large number of politicians, businessmen, students and tourists come here. Here are made decisions that affect the lives of millions people in many countries. It is the center of the world economy, culture, education and fashion. London is also one of the most popular tourist city.

History lovers will find here interesting museums, for lovers of theater and music available to the most modern and classical works. In the shops of London you can find the hottest items. Do not remain without entertainment also nightlife lovers.

London - the capital city of England and the United Kingdom. It is the largest city in the British Isles. London occupies an area about 1700 square kilometers. The population of this city is more than 8 million people. By the number of people living in it the city London is the second largest in Europe and first in the UK.

Administratively London is divided into 33 districts - 32 municipal districts (borough) and the City. Historical and administrative center of London is Westminster. Business Center located in the City. It is assumed that the City of London is located in the ancient Roman city of Londinium. The area of the City of London is 2.6 square kilometers. To the east of the City is the East End, and to the west a more respectable West End.
Westminster (City of Westminster) is an administrative district (borough) and one of the oldest and most renowned areas of Greater London (located west of London City, on the northern bank of the River Thames).

Westminster has an area about 21 square kilometers. In the Westminster is located the residence of the British government, the Palace of Westminster, Whitehall and the Supreme Court. Many tourist attractions is located in Westminster.

Details of the London history

In the British Isles people lived for many millennia ago. It is assumed that at the site of modern London were located ancient people settlements. But the founders of London's consider Romans. In 43 AD, during the invasion in Britain, the Roman troops founded the city of Londinium. Initially, the city occupies a very small territory, but soon Londinium was one of the major settlements of Roman Britain. Londinium became the capital of Britain about the year 100. In the fifth century the Romans left Londinium, the city has been gradually settled by Britons. In the Middle Ages, London became one of the most important centers of Europe.
In 1707, London, acquired the status of the capital of the UK, the new state, created by merging England and Scotland. In the 19th century in London was built many new factories and plants. At that time London was the largest city in the world with a population of 6 million people. In 1863 in London, was built the world's first subway. London has a rich history. But it is better to study the history of the city in its museums.


Weather in London
Current conditions
and weather forecast.

The climate in London is greatly influenced by the Atlantic Ocean. The air temperature during the year does not vary greatly: from +5,1 ° C in January to +18,1 ° C in July (the difference is only 13 ° C). Daytime summer temperatures rarely rise above 33 ° C, (in recent years, there are more hot summer days). In winter, cool, but severe frosts are rare. At night the temperature usually does not drop below -7 ° C. Snowfalls are rare. The big city creates its own microclimate. Winds blowing from the Atlantic Ocean brings a cool in the summer, and warm in the winter. The average temperature in London by month: January - 5,1; February - 5,1; March - 7.2 April - 12.6 May - 15.8, June - 18.2; July - 18, August - 15 ; September - 11.4 October - 7.8, in November - 5.9.

How to get to London

The most convenient way to get to London is by plane. There are five airports in London. The largest international airports are Heathrow and Gatwick.

The distance from London to some major cities: New York - 3 460 miles or 5570 kilometers (flight time is approximately 8 hours), Beijing - 8140 kilometers (flight time is about 10 hours), Paris - about 350 kilometers.

London can be reached by rail from many cities in Europe. Trains get to the islands through a tunnel under the English Channel. Cars are also transported by train.
You can buy tickets for a plane to London online.

London Heathrow Airport

Airport "Heathrow" (London Heathrow Airport) is the largest international airport in London. It is one of the largest (by number of serviced passengers) airport in the world. The airport is located on the western outskirts of London, at a distance of 24 kilometers (15 miles) from the city center. At the airport fly aircraft from many major cities in Europe and the World. Heathrow annually serves nearly 70 million passengers. Approximately 90 percent are international flights. The airport operates at maximum capacity and in the near future is possible will be build a new airport near London.

How to get to and from Heathrow

The airport is connected to the center of the London by various modes of public transport.
The fastest way to get to the airport is a rail. Heathrow Express train will take you to central London in about 15 minutes. Trains between London Paddington stations and Heathrow Central drive with an interval about 15 minutes.
The cheapest way to get to central London (and other London areas) is a metro (Line London Underground Piccadilly line). The trip takes about one hour., There are three metro stations in Heathrow. The cost of a ticket to the city center is about 5 pounds.
You can also use other modes of transport. For example, bus or taxi. Buses to the city center drive also at night.


There are many hotels at the airport and nearest areas. Next to the terminal number 5 is a luxury hotel "Sofitel London Heathrow", next to the terminal number 4 situated a four star hotel "Hilton London Heathrow Airport" and a small hotel "Yotel". There are about 20 hotels at the airport nearest areas. Getting to Heathrow nearest hotels is possible on special buses "Heathrow Hotel Hoppa". You can book a hotel online.

London Gatwick Airport

London Gatwick Airport (Gatwick Airport) is the second by size and number of served passengers airport in London and in the UK. The airport is located 46 km south from London (Crowley). The airport receives and sends planes to more than 200 cities in 90 countries around the world. It serves the majority of charter flights. The largest group of passengers is tourists and business people from the United States of America.
Gatwick airport has two terminals: North and South. The terminals are connected by underground passage which is free.
The airport is connected to London by rail and road. The railway station is located near the airport South Terminal. From the airport go trains to the train stations in London. The most convenient connection to central London is a train Gatwick Express, which go to Victoria Station (journey time approximately 30 minutes). There are also other companies trains which follow the Victoria station, London Bridge, as well as in Brighton. It is possible to get to Heathrow Airport and in London by buses.


The UK has developed network of railways. World first railways and stations were built in the UK. Trains from Europe arrive at St. Pancras railway station.

St. Pancras (St Pancras railway station) is located in the heart of London, north-east of the British Library. This is the end station of the Eurostar international rail network. Eurostar trains linking London, Paris and Lille cities in France and Brussels in Belgium. Eurostar trains cross the English Channel through the Eurotunnel.
Address: St Pancras International, London, N1C 4QP. Metro Station King's Cross St Pancras Underground station.

Where to stay in London

There is a large number of hotels and apartments where tourists can stay in London. People with an unlimited budget can choose a place to stay at their discretion or on the recommendations of friends. Most tourists are forced to carefully choose a hotel with a convenient location.

Transport in London is quite expensive, so it makes sense to choose a hotel closer to your destination. If you go to the capital of the United Kingdom for business, choose the hotel closer to the place you are heading. It will be more convenient for tourists to stay close to popular with tourists’ places.

London is divided into 6 transport zones. The most popular sights of the city are concentrated in zones 1 and 2, so in most cases it will be wiser to choose a hotel within these zones. These are borough such as City, Westminster, Kensington and Chelsea, Hammersmith and Fulham, Lambeth, Camden, Islington, Southwark, Tower Hamlets. Otherwise, you can spend a lot of time and money on traveling. You can specify (select) the location of the hotel on the map in the process of booking.

If you are forced to save on accommodation, you should consider that the most profitable places to stay are booked in the first place. Therefore, take care of the place to stay, as soon as you know the dates of your trip. Book a hotel in London.

If you plan to stay in London for a long time, and if you travel with company (family), then it may be more profitable for you to rent an apartment for the duration of your stay. You can do it online, using one of the international services.

A few interesting facts about London

London establishing year - 0043
The population of London - 7,825,200 (2010).
London is the capital city already about 2000 years.
London is the first city in the world in which was built underground.
Telephone country code - 44 20
London hosted the summer Olympic Games in 1908, 1948, 2012.
2012 Summer Olympics held in London from July 27 to August 12.


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