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Hotel "Druzhba"

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Druzba hotell Vyborg Hotel "Druzhba" is the most famous hotel in Vyborg. The hotel was built in 1982 on the original architectural design by Finnish builders (Perusyhtymä Oy). At that time it was one of the most modern hotels in the USSR.

The hotel is located in the city center, on the shore of the bay, next to the train and bus stations. The hotel building is clearly visible thanks to its original design.

The hotel "Druzhba" (rus: Дружба, Friendship) has more than a hundred rooms of different levels of comfort. The hotel has everything you need for a comfortable stay. The hotel has a nightclub, a restaurant, bar, sauna. Next to the hotel is a bus stop where buses following between St. Petersburg and Helsinki.

Visiting Vyborg celebrities tend to live in this hotel. From the hotel overlooks the bay and the famous Vyborg Castle.

Address: Russia, Vyborg, a Zheleznodorozhnaya street 5.

See hotel location on the Vyborg map.

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