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Many vacationers are expected this winter in the Canary Islands this winter

Submitted by Visit Plus on Thu, 10/13/2022 - 23:52

If you have not yet decided where to go on vacation in winter, then we recommend that you think about a trip to the Canary Islands. It is expected that this winter in the Canary Islands will be a lot of tourists. Forecasts show that although (probably) the 2019 targets will not be reached, the winter season on the islands will be very active.

Booking tours, hotels, flights is very active this year. Hotel bookings so far (October) are lower than they were in 2019, but the pace is picking up. It is expected that hotel occupancy in November, Christmas and New Year will be about 90%. So, if you are also planning to go on holiday to the Canary Islands, we would recommend that you buy a tour, book a hotel and flights in advance, while there is still a choice.

Airlines are also preparing for the active tourist season. Airlines are reported to have more passenger seats scheduled for this winter than they had in 2019.

Many factors influence the willingness of Europeans to travel. This is inflation, and interest rates and fuel prices. All this affects the cost of a holiday trip and will affect the decision of many Europeans as to whether they are going to travel or not. But we all missed the opportunity to travel during the pandemic.

There are many great places in Mir where you can go on a beach vacation in winter. We can recommend, for example: Thailand, Mexico, Egypt, Hawaii, Maldives. But the Canary Islands is the only winter holiday beach destination in Europe. Flights from most European countries are not very long and are inexpensive. (You can also take a ferry from some places.) That's why so many Europeans will choose the Canary Islands for their winter vacation this year.

We would recommend that you do not hesitate to purchase a tour. The best places in the best hotels can be taken. Contact your nearest travel agency or organize your trip yourself. Here you can find flights and choose a hotel.

Comfortable weather is in the Canary Islands all year round. The islands have many beaches and hotels. This is the only place in Europe where you can bask in the sun in winter. Tenerife and Gran Canaria are the most popular tourist islands in the archipelago.

The Canary Islands are a very popular winter travel destination for residents of Great Britain, Germany, Sweden, and Finland. A direct flight from London to Gran Canaria takes just over 4 hours. In addition to airfare, you will also need a place to stay. We also recommend booking a guided tour.

Residents of the United States and Canada are infrequent guests in the Canaries. The inhabitants of these countries have their favorite places for winter holidays (Mexico, Hawaii). But, perhaps, for a change, Americans should also think about a vacation in the Canary Islands?


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