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Hotels near Red Square

The city center is the most a popular location among tourists in Moscow. The most popular attractions of the city are located here (the Kremlin and Red Square). There are some of the popular museums, theaters, restaurants and shops. Most coming to the capital of Russia tourists, businessmen and civil servants would like to live in the city center. Not surprisingly, the most comfortable and most expensive hotels in Moscow are located in the city center.


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Holiday Inn Moscow Sokolniki hotel

4 star hotel Holiday Inn Moscow Sokolniki (4 stars) is a very good hotel that provides comfortable conditions for living in Moscow. The hotel is located next to Sokolniki Park, at the intersection of Rusakovskaya and Gastello streets, approximately 5.5 kilometers northeast of the city center (the Kremlin and Red Square). The hotel is popular both with tourists and among foreigners who come to Moscow for business purposes.


The Hotel National

5 Stars Hotel Hotel "National" (Отель «Националь») is the oldest hotel in Moscow. It is also one of the best hotels in Moscow. The hotel is located in the very center of the city, at a distance of 300 meters from the Kremlin and Red Square, at the intersection of the famous Tverskaya and Mokhovaya streets. The five-star National Hotel is the only hotel of the The Luxury Collection in Russia (2019). (The brand is owned by the Marriott International hotel chain.)


Hotel Cosmos in Moscow

Hotel Cosmos was one of the largest and one of the best hotels in Moscow during the Soviet era. It remains a very popular place to stay for tourists in our days. Tourists can conveniently reach the city center by subway. Hotel Cosmos is also very well suited to those traveling to the VDNKh Exhibition ctnter or the Ostankino television center for business purposes.




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