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John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York

John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) is one of the three airports located near New York. The majority of foreign tourists arrive in New York through this airport. John F. Kennedy Airport is located in the neighborhood of Jamaica in the borough of Queens , about 10 miles ( 20 kilometers) southeast of Manhattan.

The airport was opened in 1947. It received its modern name in December 1963 in honor of the 35th US President John F. Kennedy. Currently, it is the largest (by the number of foreign passengers accepted) international airport in North America and the fifth largest airport in the United States by the number of passengers served. In 2016, approximately 59 million passengers passed through the airport (including 31.3 million international passengers).

Approximately 100 airlines from 50 countries fly from John F. Kennedy Airport. It has six passenger terminals and four runways. You can move between terminals using the AirTrain railway. There are plans to expand the airport.

Useful link You can see the airport location on the map.

The most popular flights from JFK airport. (The number of passengers in 2016.)

Domestic flights top destinations.

  1. Los Angeles, California (1.65 million passengers).
  2. San Francisco, California (1.047 million).
  3. Orlando, Florida (0.75 million).
  4. Las Vegas, Nevada (0.60 million).
  5. Fort Lauderdale, Florida (0.597 million).
  6. San Juan, Puerto Rico (0.542 million).
  7. Miami, Florida (0.538 million).

You can see here the schedule of the next flight from New York (JFK) to Los Angeles (LAX). Select the airline and departure time, compare the cost of the flights.

International flights.

  1. London - Heathrow (2.99 million).
  2. Paris - Charles de Gaulle (1.48 million).
  3. Dubai (1,099 million).

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Transport - How to get to New York

Getting from John F. Kennedy Airport to New York City Subway and Long Island Rail (LIRR) stations is possible using the AirTrain JFK rail system. It is the easiest way to travel to, from and around Kennedy International Airport. The AirTrain trains have stops at all airport terminals, car parks, and at Howard Beach and Jamaica stations. Trains have three routes. One of them is a circular route and is intended for movement between terminals.

One of the routes connects the airport to Jamaica Station, where you can go to the Sutphin Boulevard-Archer Avenue-JFK Airport Subway station and the Jamaica station of the Long Island railway.

Another route connects the airport with the Howard Beach-JFK Airport station of the IND Rockaway Line subway line.

The transfer between the terminals of the airport on the AirTrain JFK trains is free of charge.
Directions to the metro stations and bus stops are paid. Payment is made by MetroCard. The ticket price is 5 US dollars. The cost of the trip from the airport to Manhattan (Midtown Manhattan, Lower Manhattan, Southern Queens) is $7.75. It includes the $5 AirTrain entry/exit fee and the $2.75 MTA subway fare.


A flat-rate of $ 52, set for a taxi when traveling from John F. Kennedy airport to Manhattan. This flat-rate fare does not include tips, taxes and payment for toll roads. (Tipping is customary to pay in the US.) Taxis also can make a surcharge to the fare during rush hour. The maximum number of passengers in one taxi is 4 people.

Taxi You can book a taxi (individual transfer, minibus) from the JFK airport to New York before you travel, via the Internet. You will immediately see the cost of the trip while booking. The driver will meet you in the airport arrival area.


There are several hotels near the airport. Some hotels provide a transfer from the hotel to the airport for their clients. Addresses of some hotels:
Radisson Hotel JFK. Airport. 135-30 140th Street Jamaica, NY 11436.
Crowne Plaza. 138-10 135th Avenue Jamaica, NY, 11436.
Comfort Inn & Suites. 137-30 Redding Street Ozone Park, NY 11417.

Hotels You can find and book a hotel in New York using any hotel reservation service. Pay attention to the location of the hotel when you choose a place to stay in New York.



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